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Very strange insect destroying my plant

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    SOIL Very strange insect destroying my plant

    Hello friends!

    I grow Trainwreck 7 week in veg.
    The plant is totally healthy but one strange insect is eating her every night.
    First I thought that it was some little bug (spider mites, thrips ect.) So I started to use neem oil however without any result.
    Then I started to take close attention to plant and discovered that this insect is big and it only appears when light are off in box.
    I say big cause for small insect it is impossible to destroy such part of leave in 6 hours. + at night I heard some noises from box.
    Besides strange thing I noticed is some water like drops on leaves. (see pics) I'm 100% sure that leaves were dry before lights are of.

    P.S. I have box at home in my room

    Any ideas what kind of insect I have and how to deal with it.

    No ,but I hope you find out and tell us !!
    Kinda scary ,hearing noices, and such. In the middle of the night.
    Good Luck
    Cfls for a week or two
    315lec for everything else
    Dug up Ms.topsoil, with perlite added
    36x36x63 inch tent.
    6inch - exaust - intake fans an scrubber
    Smart pots


      Yeah I would definitely say that's wierd hearing noises in your grow box at night, could it possibly be a mouse??? How sealed off is your box??


        Cricket? Grasshopper?


          OJH, had a mouse destroy his garden a while ago and it dident look like that. But it can’t hurt to set a trap! Looks like a leaf hopper to me.


            well I think I need some powerful spray for insects...


            I've found a grasshopper in my open closet before. It did eat a bit but my trees are big so was no big deal.


              Hearing noises? Have you inspected after hearing the noise? What did the noise sound like?


              Wise man say."Always someone who know more."


              • Chefbjy
                Chefbjy commented
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                Water drops could just be transpiration.

              Hearing noises? Maybe it’s haunted after all it is getting close to Halloween 👻☠️🎃


                Pull all ur shit out of grow area get some jacks bug juice spray inside of area let fully dry and repeat. Then return ur plants if u still got a issue then it lives in ur soil which might b the case. Then u can smother it and let it die a cheap death like its trying to do 2 u


                • Potted
                  Potted commented
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                  Sand is very good for not only smothering live bugs, thay can’t walk on it , and it preventing egg laying as well 😁

                Glue traps


                  well thanks a lot for you answers
                  bought some very powerful spray for insects at my local store and lets see what happens...


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