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Mammoth P- new (2018) feed chart !

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    Mammoth P- new (2018) feed chart !

    Mammoth P has changed the feed schedule from a somewhat complicated schedule to easy @ 0.6ml/Gallon through the entire grow.

    I think this is great- too many soil feed charts are designed to have you use more than needed and constant change in amounts. (increase chances for mistakes).
    This has made no sense to me, for a very long time and I have adjusted most of my charts to a constant amount of a particulat nutrient.

    If you think about it- lets say you dose a particular nutrient @ 1ml/gallon in the seedling phase, which is hardly watered/low volume-say 1000ml, once weekly
    As the plant grows- you tend to water more often in larger amounts - for example 1000mls twice weekly and increase watering volume as the plant grows.

    By the end of veg and into the first 4 weeks of flower, you may end up watering 3000mls every 2 days- which increases the original weekly (seedling) dose from 0.26mls nutrient to 2.76mls of nutrient.

    "The Devil is in the Details" , getting the optimal initial dose right.
    It's all bullshit - until you smoke it!

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    i came to the same conclusion, same dose all veg and all flower. thats what commercial growers do


      I now Just aim for the same ppm each feed. I do change to bloom from grow nutrients at the signs of flowering but that's it.


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