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    SOIL Harvest Questions

    when my plants were hanging to dry the temp was high and the humidity to low. they over dried and too quickly. I ripped them off the stems and put them in a Rubbermaid with a couple humidity paks. Will this bring them back so they don't crumbly? did I screw with the quality? Opinions please

    you did the best thing you could do, as you said that will bring them back. the curing on the other hand, could have stopped if it got TOO dry, never the less give it a try


      How long have they been in the container? Because you would be surprised at how wet they are after 24 hours in a jar even when they felt overdry when you first put them in.


        they have been in the Rubbermaid container for 24hrs now. ill check to see if they picked up any moisture


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          Yes you cannot judge dryness until after they have sat in a jar or I guess a Tupperware. However I think jars are probably better.

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