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What to do with trim?

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    What to do with trim?

    I'm harvesting today due to some bud rot that I found. And I'm wondering what (if anything) I can use the trim for. By trim I mean, all the leaves and branches, everything not bud. I've made butter before and I'm interested in the idea of making gummies as well but I didn't think I could use the trim for that.

    Also, if I wanted to use it for something and needed to store it, how do you recommend doing that? I have jars set aside for bud but I don't have enough for all the trim.

    I recommend making Dry Ice Hash. Store the trim in a paper bag and stick it in the freezer.
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      First...all the fan leaves and branches can go directly into a compost pile. It will turn into good plant food after that process. These parts can really bring down the quality of your concentrates. Remember: the quality of material you start with will directly transition into the quality of the end product.
      Last, freeze the good quality trim (sugar leaves and small buds you are not smoking) prior to extracting. Now you are ready to begin the extraction process.
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        Originally posted by kingfish View Post
        I recommend making Dry Ice Hash. Store the trim in a paper bag and stick it in the freezer.
        If there is enough Trim you can make ice water hash. It requires a specific (mircorn fabric). Years ago I might have made some, but I had to search xxxx for the fabric. One micron size made a Lebanese style of hash, while the other was more refined/ smaller and made a black hash, both fabric filters were in the same 5 gallon bucket layered. Fabric was not much but had to research where to find in my area. A big city helps.




          [QUOTHey potted you could order from Amazon but you will have to do some homework for the right (Micron Size) the spacing between the weaves in the fabric. I found my local. I was not much $ probably more in gas for the trip but it worked very well and was reusable. I really forget the micron sizes but there were two! One produced a rough grade hash and one produced a black hash. Both were like smoking nice hash. Here is link with explanation to the Micron size in the material. I used rough material and not a hash bag but the micron size was right. All you need is the correct material and not expensive hash bag.



            Didn’t GWE do a segment on making dry ice hash witch mentions what size bags to use, the part that’s unclear is how much dry ice to use for the amount of trim to b used.


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              I think they did. The time we made dry ice hash, after watching Nebula and Serious make it, we kinda adjusted how much we used according to results, and how tired our arms were getting, Lol! If it seemed like we were working to hard, we would add a little more dry ice, amazing how much quicker trichomes start sifting through when ya add more ice.
              It worked really good, a couple grams of that is what I mostly smoked all last winter, when I was mostly out of bud, and the stuff got me high as hell!!

              Looking forward to smoking the next batch of bud, but also to making and smokin' some more hash!!

            • Potted
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              I got to try this out soon 😁 I got a bag or two in the freezer now just chillen out. Thanks

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