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Good for the soul

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    Good for the soul

    So a little off topic from growing our favorite Herb, but I feel it worth while to share.

    I work for myself, and my work is at peoples homes. This time of year is insanely busy for my profession, I'm SO freaking busy right now, just to much to get done.
    So I go over to a new customers home today, lady in her 70's, rambles like the dickens, goes on and on, and I'm just seeing my whole day just going to heck, as far as how I'm going to get all my work done.
    Well, I just decided to take my the anxiety down a bit, quit worrying so much about HOW much, I just HAVE to get done. Made just a little bit of time for her, and I was patient.

    Man, she really made my day so much better, talked to her a little about the long time friend that she has to go to a funeral for this week, talked a little about friends I'VE lost before, shot the shit just a little. She gave me a hug when I left.
    I went over so worried about all this little shit that we all get so concerned about in life, how I was going to get all this stuff done, making dead lines for stuff that doesn't really matter all that much. I left feeling so much better.

    Point of my rambling, that there is so much more to life then the stuff people worry about all the time, and really, the stuff that's important in life, is the people in it.

    Take a little time for them, yourself included, life will be over faster than any of us want it to be, so be sure to take time for things that matter, in this journey non of us asked for, but we all have to, and maybe even get to, go on.

    Sorry for the off topic, but I thought it was important to share with my friends hear.

    Watchin my girls blow in the breeze now!
    Much love to all my friends on GWE!


    Organic Soil,
    with molasses,
    In a Greenhouse with,
    Redneck engineering.

    beautiful words my friend, thank you for sharing


      That was very cool to read this morn. Thanks my friend that put me in great spirits to start my day. Nicely written


        Great perspective my friend ! It really is refreshing when those people come along and remind us of what is most important!

        God Bless You Sir
        "Life is not about being dealt a great hand but playing a poor hand well"...

        •Roots Organics over kindsoil in 5gal fabric pots

        •600w hps supplement w/Kind LEDs during flower

        •4" can-fan w/can-filter(carbon)

        •14,000btu air conditioner


          Kudos to you for practicing patience, love and compassion like a bodhisattva. For real.
          Anyone can grow mid grade weed easy. If you want to grow top shelf bud, study hard.

          Growing since July 21, 2016; smoking since 1967
          2 BCNL Roommate hydro boxes w/ 400w COB LEDs, Future Harvest nutes

          Jan 2023: Taking a brief sabbatical


            We should all b so understanding and tolerant of our elders ( after all we will b in the same boat ) soon enough. U know that she probably haven’t talked to a live person in days and appreciated the company.


              Wonderful that some people in this world are starting to realize the true meaning of life every thing else is insignificant at times.


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