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    To do....or not to do

    Had a problem getting a couple of seeds to pop... Did my normal 18 hour soak then into the paper towel... E mailed the breeder... Breeder is telling me to fill a shot glass half way with water and then the other half with 3% hydrogen peroxide and let soak for 48 hours.. do not try and get the seeds to sink, but if it does to paper towel it. Doesn't the peroxide affect the tap root if it pops in the mixture? And what exactly is the peroxide doing that I am hearing more and more about using it?

    I have never tried using this as a method but I did find this article from sensi seed bank forum that may be of some use.

    Sorry long read: I suggest getting 33% concentrate, as the crap you get at the pharmacy is full of impurities. How much? - 3ml/gallon in the rez at change and half that everyday. Works wonders and in soil too. Oh and use gloves as it will turn your skin milky white to the touch and it...
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      The problem with h2o2 is it also kills the beneficial bacteria in your soil. If your growing hydro it would probably be fine but in soil you don't want to kill the beneficial bacteria.
      I know you were only talking of seed germination but to be honest wanted to point out as much or differing opinions on this subject.

    • alltatup
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      I read the Sensi post: it makes perfect sense. It provides more oxygen to the root.

    I personally rinse my seeds with water peroxide and water just a few seconds to kill bacteria around the seed. I dry with paper towel and then soak in RO water. I have 100% germination rate since I started this practice. Before I normally loose between 2 to 4 seeds out of 10. They get darker and a slime develops around the seed when rot


      I'm giving it a try, since the seeds are from this specific breeder...I even tossed the ones that have been sitting in rapid rooters for 18 days into a small bowl by themselves to see if anything happens.. funny thing though, all the seeds floated! I will also mention the seeds that never sprouted...when I did the original soak...the water around the seeds got slimey.


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        Cleaning them first will make a tremendous difference. Get ready for some happy growing

      All I can say is that I'm totally stumped at the moment! Just out of curiosity I looked at the seeds... The one from the breeder that told me to do this has a friggin little tail on it now!! I put it in a paper towel until tomorrow... The other seeds which I have no faith in whatsoever are still floating. I put a fresh blue Hawaiian seed in this mixture to see what it will do.


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