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    SOIL Hermie?

    As I'm trimming I'm pretty sure I'm looking at a plant with hermies... I'll post some pictures I guess my question is even worth keeping!?

    Are there any seeds in it?

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    • Firsttimernate123
      Firsttimernate123 commented
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      One plant had no seeds but tons of sacs that look like there would be a seed in it but no seeds in one plant, I liked hearing what dankwing said about it being a waste cuz it'll still get you high!?

    • DankwingDuck
      DankwingDuck commented
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      I say that because the pollen sac itself doesn’t effect the quality of the smoke . It isn’t until the production of seeds occurs does the quality of the weed become effected . Once fertilized the cannabis plant puts all its energy and nutes into making seeds which in turn reduces the potency of the bud . If seeds have not been produced then any potential lose of potency will be minimal if at all . The weed is very much smokeable and tbh you have prob smoked herm weed before and didn’t even know it .

      If you do find seeds don’t use them to grow . A seed from a herm will produce another herm . This is one of the main reasons I don’t use bag seeds at all to grow . I personally feel that if I have good weed and fine a seed , it is more likely to be due to herming rather then pollination via male . And I don’t wish to chance it.

      Now on the other hand faminized seeds are made by pollination of a female plant by another female plant ( a herm used to pollinate a non-Hermed female ) seeds collected from a female that has been pollinated in this manner should produce only female plants . These are the seeds we are all paying good money for and will work great for growing bud .

    There is nothing wrong with herm bud . It will smoke and get you high. Trashing it seems wasteful to me . Even if it’s not the best bud , you can still give it to friends . I’m sure they would love to have it
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      Ty! Very good to hear that as long as there's no seeds it won't affect the quality! Only one of them had seeds in it so I can expect that one could be less potent?


      • DankwingDuck
        DankwingDuck commented
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        Smoke it . Well all smoked seed weed before . It won’t kill you . XD

      • hycheese
        hycheese commented
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        In the 70's all the weed I ever got had seeds in it, we thought it was normal back then. It was a ritual to clean your weed on a gatefold album cover or you'd get a 4th of July bowl.

      Ok ty dank...I'm so sceptical right now! I just care about the THC content being high enough to get me high


      • DankwingDuck
        DankwingDuck commented
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        If you don’t get a good high from smoking the bud you can hash out of it . The easiest way to do this imho is isopropyl alcohol. Cut all the bud up like you would to roll a joint . Put it into a glass mason jar . Get a bottle of iso alcohol ( highest % you can find , I think it’s like 92 or 97% ) put the iso and the ground buds into the freezer . Leave it there till over night . Next day pour the iso into the jar with the bud till it just covers all the bud . Put it back into the freezer for about 10-20mins till the iso turns amber color ( before it turns green ) strain the iso through a coffee filter into a glass baking dish . So that all the bud is removed and you only have amber colored iso left . Then just let it sit in the baking dish till the iso evaporates off . ( you can heat it to speed up the evap but to be safe if it’s your first time just let it evap on it’s own . The amber colored residue left behind can be scraped off with a razor blade .

        This amber tar left behind is iso hash aka wax aka dabs . It is basically the thc extracted from the plant and will be much more concentrated .

        There is other ways to extract the thc from the bud . But this imho is the easiest.

        Bubble hash is another way using just ice water but u will also need screen bags and it is really simple too . Also you can make rasin with coffee filters and a hair straightening iron . There is a lot of easy safe ways to make hash but iso imho is the best for someone just starting out making hash . Bubble hash is just as easy but requires bubble bags . Rasin via an iron is fairly easy too but isn’t something I would recommend to the first timer . But if you would like more info on it I would be happy to provide it

      • Juicyj89
        Juicyj89 commented
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        Im fixng to try this right now! Lol. Ca i use any amount? Just so long that the iso covers it?

      Brother don't worry about it not getting you high, cause it will still get you plenty high.
      Aint nothin wrong smoking bud with a few seed in it.
      Have you got any pictures? You might be looking at calyxes which are normal.@Firsttimernate123
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      315lec for everything else
      Dug up Ms.topsoil, with perlite added
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        Even if it were not super smoke..there is lots you can do with it. ie:edibles, ice water hash, pain cream, Suppositorys (seriously), and more..

        I remember back in the day, getting a pound that was 30 % seed and it still was ok for Mexicale Manure..


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