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    Vermont growing season

    I live in Vermont and I have 2 plants (Agent Orange and Purple Urkle) that are about 6’ tall, however, I am not noticing any flowering yet. I have them both outside and both of them are in their own 5 gallon buckets. I have read that flowering occurs when the day and night become an even 12 hours, but that’s towards the end of September which is getting close to our first frost times. Should I put a tarp or something over them to create the 12/12? Would taking them into the dark woods work just as well? Or am I freaking out for no reason and should let them do their thing? I know people grow outside in the ground around here and i doubt they are able to control the amount of light or darkness they get and I think they do ok. Any thoughts, help or tips would be very appreciated. They’ve been growing so well and I don’t want to see them not produce.


    I had friends who grew every year in Vt. Pretty far north. They never had problem with frost. That strain was very unique though. Be patient


    • koi
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      Thank you for the assurance. Please tell me what you mean by unique.
      This is my first time growing and my buddy gave me these plants. Started indoors and planted in the buckets and put outside when they were about 8inches tall. I'm just trying to get as many details about what I was given. (yes, I know I probably should have done this earlier...) Live and learn though.

    One thing to keep in mind, is that your plant will probably start flowering before the days drop to 12/12.
    Most photo periods will start to flower one the days get down to about 14 hours. 12/12 is the ideal, usually, for switching a plant when you control it's day length, but they can start to flower with somewhat longer day's when outdoors.

    It is possible to build a frame with black plastic over it, and cover/ uncover on a daily basses, to get things rolling a little early. Got to be real careful doing that though, since you don't want to trap a bunch of humidity and cause mold to grow.
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      Well it smelled like cat pee and skunky flowers there was never an issue with timing and yield was high even though it wasn't that dense so keep an eye out on the trikes be patient


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        Sounds a lot like the write ups I have seen about White Rhino.

      Aren't both of those TGA genetics? If they are, they tend to be pretty Sativa dominant and may take a long time to initiate flower. Hope she has enough time to finish before winter.
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