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    HELP! Need help!

    When should I stop using foxfarm nutes!? Planted may 12th, indoor, promix B soil,, 600 hps, ECT. I think that's all the necessary info!?

    Hi 123 I am just coming to to the end of my first grow, I am by no means an experienced grower but from all the tips and tricks I have been told on here and read up on here you should flush for 1 to 2 weeks before harvest more the latter also be sure to do some research and ask more experienced people but if you don't water for the last few days before harvest they come out a little dryer or dry a little quicker. Like I said by no means a pro just little tips and tricks I've read and been told but take all info with a pinch off salt until you've seen it proven. Looking nice a big tho dude.good job.

    also Growweedeasy has all the info you would need on their site.


    • Firsttimernate123
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      Ty for your feedback I will do that! I'm just trying to figure out what the water is best to flush with or if it needs to be pH'ed!? Then I got to research the curing and hanging properly part... humidity?..ect..?!

    Promix is difficult to flush, so I would say about 11-14 days before expected harvest date.
    completed 7 grows
    what I have learned so far:
    environment maters more than nutrients
    at least a dab of nutrients in every watering
    effective flushing before harvest is critical to quality


      #4 this might help a little good luck with your harvest.


        Hi mate...Foxfarm has a chart/ feeding schedule you can use as a guidance to follow until you decide to flush however the flush should be based on grow signs like trichs, etc so it`s not a `on this day do this` thing. So, it`s not easy to answer this question. You feed following a schedule and the water cycle of your plants but stopping feeding is really dictated by them and your experiences and gut feelings as a grower. Your girls look like another 3-4 weeks could be ahead of them before harvest though it`s a feeling from just looking at them (Nice grow by the way), so a steady flush over 2 weeks before harvest should do the trick nicely.. To help, Nebula`s done a couple of really helpful articles which are on this site. One is about trichs and their colours/ times and the other is the appearances of buds during the phases of flowering. They should help. Good luck


          Ty. i got to say, this has been the best input so far so thank you! I just have to figure out what water is best to flush with ...and if it needs to be pH'ed? I do use the chart... And I've only used half of (recomended) thus Grandma unsulphured molasses for for added ppm's and sugary trichomes


          • Flockshot
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            yes, ALL water must be PH'd from seed to harvest.

          • PaganRich
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            It`s a very good grow you`ve got going there mate. Very nice. Good buds. I`m impressed. If you practice yoga or are double jointed in the shoulder blade department, I`d give yourself a big pat on the back cos you`ve done real good with this lass. Stay mellow

          Ty pagan, you have no idea how bad I needed to hear that with the last 2 weeks Nearing I'm getting nervous! Lol there in 5 gallon buckets but I water daily out of a 1 gallon on 3 plants??


          • PaganRich
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            You`re going to see a lot of advice that may confuse because people will give preferences which isn`t consistent with others` thoughts/ preferences. However, my advice is this; read the Nebula tutorials and then a few months later, come back to them again. That will help. Nearing the end of harvest is always nerve racking however nerves can induce you to harvest just that bit too soon. There is that advice that when you think they`re ready you give them another week. That`s not bad as we all want them down and drying and sometimes we become subconsciously impatient so always go with trichs and pistils for gauging and sometimes even that isn`t helpful. Some strains don`t do many ambers at harvest but if you`ve read grow reports for your strain then folk will highlight that. Try this I don`t personally flush as I grow organic and feed with teas, so, don`t need to but for me, personally, the stages in importance go; Vegging, curing, harvesting. The drying and curing are a mega vital skill that you need to prepare yourself now for. That will be good cos it will re-direct your attention to something more positively active than just killing time. It`s constructive, head wise. Watering in soil, I do by the old lift and gauge tactic where you lift the edge of the pot and if it feels light, water til you get a 15-20% run-off with chems or when you see a sufficent amount with a tea. Then I let the soil dry out again. Wet/dry/wet/dry. Towards the end some growers really restrict water. That`s a personal choice but if you water daily you aren`t forcing tthe roots to spread out as much looking for more water. They`re content to take it at a more chilled pace, I believe. Going dryer, they spread roots seeking more moisture, more roots, larger root ball, greater growth. This late in the grow, that`s not important but the frequency and amount is. It`s a personal thing between you and your type of lasses you`re growing and your thoughts What do the trichs look like colour wise? Testing times but chill, you`re doing fine though easier said than done, mate I try a few tech mate and this is a grow I`ve got going on so it will help you see the problems I waltz into with regularity have a butchers, mate
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          All good advice here but PaganRich is right about waiting for trics to start turning amber is the hardest thing to do! I grow in FFOF so when I start seeing Amber that is when I start a two week flush. Helps me stay patience waiting for right harvest time. I also like the head high of less Amber rather than the body stone of more Amber but that is a personal choice. Either way, keep an eye on trics. It will seem like forever!! 🤣
          DIY grow space 2.5' X 3.5' X 6.5'
          315 LEC
          6" Vortex exhaust fan w/speed control
          6" Carbon filter
          3- 6" fans
          temp and humidity gauge
          5 gal smart pots w/ FFOF soil
          FF trio nutrients


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