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Royal Nugs Journal 3 Kindsoil/Coco Loco

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    Royal Nugs Journal 3 Kindsoil/Coco Loco

    Okily Dokily Growerinos! Here goes another journal by yours truly.

    Very similar to the last grow. Only thing different is squat pots instead of tall (3 gallon) root trapper II and the strains. First round with this is still going as of this posting.

    For those unfamiliar with my last grow, I use 3 pounds of kindsoil, which is an organic super soil at the bottom of my fabric pots, the remainder is filled with coco loco. The plan is to veg for 2 months after they get transplanted, topping, training, defoliation, blah blah blah....

    Only plain, ph adjusted (6.2-6.5) water is the plan from start to finish.

    Here they are, at day of planting, November 23rd. They are germinated in rapid rooter plugs which are rinsed in distilled water and kept warm via a small electric radiator. I push the seeds in about 1/4-1/2" into the plug and tear a small chunk off of the plug to cover the hole.

    I try to keep temps in the upper 70's and spray my plugs down with distilled water every 8 hours or so. The plugs turn a light brown color before I spray. This ensures dry/moist cycle.

    Strains are:

    2 x Pre 98 Bubba Kush by Cali Connection
    1 x Blue Dream by Humboldt Seed Organization
    1 x Tangie Ghost Train Haze by Little Chief Collaboration
    1 x Ghost Train Haze #1 by Rare Dankness
    1 x Strawberry OG by Cali Connection

    Thanks for looking. Enjoy!
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    November 27



      Bubba number 1 didn't make it. Popped the shell but didn't make the cut. A couple more days and it would have made it but it was too far behind. 1 more to weed out.



        By the way... you don't need high humidity to grow... May not be optimal but it works... I haven't been over 35% since they were planted, FYI.


        • Green75
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          Yes my humidity is at 32-35% as problems

        I'm in.....good luck bro


        • Green75
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          We're at the same age in our new grows this will be interesting can't wait to see it all play out

        Always fun to watch the masters at work! 😊 🌱🌱🌱
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          Day 13

          Quick update. More roots!


            Coming along nicely...when is final cut to 4


              Originally posted by Green75 View Post
              Coming along nicely...when is final cut to 4
              Anytime from now until I pot up. Probably a week, week and a half.


                Well... I jumped the gun... kinda, not really. I thought the plants would be ok in the solo cups but I noticed the Strawberry OG roots starting to circle the bottom of the cup, so it's time to go. I transplanted them into their final homes. 3 gallon root trapper II's (squat). The ghost train haze is still hanging out in the solo cup in case I damaged a plant during transplant, but unless one dies, she's going to be culled. She wasn't my first choice but my wife has preference on the Strawberry OG and the Bubba so I have to compromise with the Tangie GTH and the Blue Dream. SInce the Ghost Train is somewhat redundant, I figured I'd cull one of them and the Tangie is just growing so fast, I decided to keep her. Despite the fact she has a couple spots on the leaves... I also topped the Tangie GTH for the first time.

                I thought I heard a root snap when I transplanted the Strawberry OG. I certainly hope not. The GTH will fill in if I killed her accidentally. I'm going to start using the peat cups like Kingfish does. It was cool being able to see the roots in the clear solo cup though. There's no guessing on when it's time to transplant but I'm assuming the roots will poke out of the peat cups, so that would be an indicator. Could you confirm this kingfish ?

                I used 3.75 lbs of kind soil in the bottom of the pot for two reasons.

                1) I don't want to run out of juice halfway into flower.... like I did the first run. It was my fault for overwatering and draining out all the goodies in the kindsoil, but this time, no excuses. If I don't get what I want, I'll be switching to my next endeavor. Probably Coco/Perlite and nutrients. I may go back to hydro, Idunno yet.

                b) I want to have flexibility to veg longer than what's stated on Kindsoil's website which is a 2 month veg in a 3 gal with 3 lbs of kindsoil.

                I figure the extra 3/4 lbs of soil should help with both conditions.

                They're growing a little slow but I'm assuming it's due to the 20-25% humidity it's been lately. I really need a whole house humidifier. My cats spark when I pet them, lol. Anyway, I sealed the tent except 2 exhaust ports up top. I've added a humidifier until they get a bit bigger and start making their own humidity. It got up to 56% humidity last night but the temp was steady at 83. I think they'll be fine.

                Photos to follow.


                • kingfish
                  kingfish commented
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                  There's no guessing on when it's time to transplant but I'm assuming the roots will poke out of the peat cups, so that would be an indicator. Could you confirm this kingfish ?

                  Yes Nugs. Just bury the whole cup. The cup will decompose.

                • bobsakamoto
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                  The Sparking Cats would be a great band name.



                • Nartak
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                  Loled at this topping!!Nicely timed it seems!!!

                Order in the Court!!! Beautiful presentation once again. I'm in
                may the gods be with you.
                Indoor- Coco coir & Perlite - 5 gal Smart pots
                Veg-T5s Flower- Platinum LEDS
                GH Flora Trio Cali-mag, Terpinator Liquid Bloom
                photoperiod feminized seeds

                Testing for the_honeysticks genetics


                  I really like the idea of planting in clear solo and inserting into colored cups. Can watch the root development. This is going to part of my routine from now on.


                    Day 18

                    They have all been topped and had their first true leaves removed.

                    Got a few wrinkles on the bubba, a few spots on the tangie, a little tip discoloration on the blue dream. Am I concerned? Nah...

                    My last grow did this too. They all straightened out...


                      Looking good worries for sure


                      • Royal Nugs
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                        Thanks Greenie!

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