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Is it flowering?

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    Is it flowering?

    Here's my auto. I strongly believe it's flowering but I'm starting to second guess myself. It looks like it is. Am I wrong? These showed up a week or so ago. Shouldn't there be more flowers showing up?
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    Have you been defoliating


      Those are pre-flowers.
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        I defoilated earlier in the grow. I figured that's what was slowing things down but I did the same with other auto and it's doing great. Hoping it will start to do it's thing.

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          If those are pics of the whole plant - they look great definitely pre-flowering.
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            Unfortunately the first set of pics are of the plant that's not doing anything. The second set are of my younger auto. The young one is going great just the older one not doing much.

          I'm starting to think my oldest auto is not an auto. The youngest one is growing well. The oldest still nothing. Has this ever happened? An auto not being an auto? Here's pics of both plants


            In the first pics you where looking at stipules. No sex yet. THe second set of pics seems like you have one flowering and one not flowering like you said. Maybe not an auto or late bloomer
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