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Curling up/cupping

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    Curling up/cupping

    My plants our cupping or curling upwards how can I stop this

    Looks like heat stress . How close is your light to the plants . Try backing it up and see what happens . Only other thing I can think of is root issues . Rot issues can present in a number of ways . Stunned growth discoloration and even cupping of the leafs . I would start with these 2 things and go from there . I would bet it’s the light tho .
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      Sure sign the light or the space is too hot and likely dry. What's ur rh?


        All good advise above!
        I see a plant that has - too much TLC- (everything) (not certain about amount of air circulation)

        I would stop N-raise lights- stop watering unless the pot is completely dry.
        Give Si and some root enhancer.
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          Thank you all for your inputs and I’ll keep you all posted


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