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    Nebula cbd

    Who asked ask about Nebula CBD? I cant remember. Anyways she is sitting at now 61% humidity in jars. Came to 252 grams from the 1 plant. Will be 14 days before I try her.

    And oldjarhead100 you were right on the money. was 1019 wet. 252 dry.

    Ok well have been using the Nebula CBD for the last few days at night. She is one of the strongest smelling bud Ive seen in a very long time. It is like a cross between lemony and an old school diesel. At first i didnt care for the smell but as she cures the smell is becoming very pleasing. As far as taste she is slowly getting better tasting. Which is good because I usually grow for flavor and she starts out tasting like old School (think early 80s late 70s Jamican) but she leaves you with a not bad but oddly strange flavor. I cant even describe it. Closest thing I can think of is it tastes like you made some sour dough bread with cannabutter. Even Nirvana seeds just describes it as the most unique flavor. They never say good. They say unique.

    Now the important part. This is a low thc high cbd strain. When you smoke her you definitely feel much better. Euphoric, warm, body kind of numb, if you smoke enough it almost feels like you got a shot of whatever they give you prior to surgury, if you know what I mean. But there is almost zero head high at all. The more you smoke the more clear your head is as a matter of fact. If you have already smoked some other before hand you can actually smoke your self "head sober." The best thing about it though is that it wont knock you out and and make you go to sleep. But once you lay down and close your eyes you are out fast. And i slept 3 days in a row now from 10pm till 6am. For me that is unheard of. I am usually up by 130 am and dont even bother trying to go back to sleep. So 3 nights in a row i have not even had to get up to use the bathroom. Its been years since that has happened.

    So to sum it up dont get it for the flavor. If you are a recreational smoker skip right on over this strain. If you are in pain, have anxiety, paranoia, ptsd, and especially cant sleep it is definitely worth a try.
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    • hycheese
      hycheese commented
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      Thanks for the review, it sounds exactly like what I am looking for. I read up on it at Nirvana and when I'm ready to graduate from autos I may try my hand at growing some Nebula cbd.

    • D.A.A.S.69
      D.A.A.S.69 commented
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      hycheese, if you ask me, if you can grow an autoflower, without stressing them, photos are much easier, you want have any problems with photos.

    • Chefbjy
      Chefbjy commented
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      Haha graduate from autos that's funny.. I'm with D.A.A.S.69 photos are much more forgiving. 😉

    Thanks guys. And yes it was a very very easy plant to grow.


      I couldn't get it to copy the link so just bumped it up for you naked gardner. Damn new galaxy9 update.


        And yes it makes great canabutter and tincture.


          Redwasp Fantastic write up mate, thank you for bringing this to me and us again, great description of everything I am coming to experience not only myself but with others who have varies injuries, which are all linked together. I will add this strain to my bucket list as a top 5 to grow. Should I need any guidance on them when I begin I would be relieved if I can come to you for advice along the way.


          • Redwasp
            Redwasp commented
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            Of course you can any time. I try as many different strains as I can to evaluate how effective they are for my issues. This also helps others with a direction to go in when trying to pick strains to try. And just so you know Nebula CBD from Nirvana was one of the easiest plants I've ever grown.

            NAKEDGARDENER commented
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            Thank you mate, really appreciate this...

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