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1 light 2 flower rooms

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    1 light 2 flower rooms

    Has anyone ever tried moving a light from room to room on tracks for 12/12 on 2 different crops?

    If I understood the question right. That sounds too tedious...
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      Moving them by hand every 12 hours... um no, have not done that
      What kind of lights? Always Hot!


        You mean a track (mounted on the ceiling) that runs through the wall with a door to shove the light through?
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        • Campesino
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          You'd have to have some damn fancy lights to make that a better deal than just getting a second light(s)
          But yeah, you could do that. I admit there is a certain elegance to the idea, I just doubt its practicality

        • RosettaStoned
          RosettaStoned commented
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          Right, I'd just buy a second light

        • Smokesteve
          Smokesteve commented
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          Yes. I have soft walls so it would be easy to fold down to slide light across.

        Using light tracks to cover a larger surface area of plants, is equivalent to raising a fixture and increasing its coverage. Although you can reduce the vegetation time, the ultimate yield is dictated by the photon flux (light output capacity) of the light source. This is the laws of photosynthesis, more plants do not provide more yield. More light does. Its only when we provide more plants to utilize otherwise unsued light, that we see an increase in productivity.
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        • Campesino
          Campesino commented
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          Well, I think he is talking about getting 24 hour run time during 12/12 lighting by shuffling the light between two flower rooms, on opposing 12/12 schedules. It is a way to maximize returns to the initial capital expenditure (fixed costs of purchasing the light)... but not much else.

        • DrPhoton
          DrPhoton commented
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          You know i never thought of that, but then again i use perpetual rotation, which is basically the same thing.

        Steve I use a light mover it travels my 1000w hps back and forth in my bloom room they come with about 6 feet of track but they sell extras so you can run track in both rooms put a stop before the rooms and run it in one room for 12 hours then in other room I think thats a great idea amazon has them lightrail mover buy some extra travel wheels not drive wheel on amazon they wanted like 50 bucks for them I found them at indoor garden depot for 8 big difference there good luck and keep us posted would love to see that
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        • Chefbjy
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          Yes I'd like to see the light set up too if you do it.

        • D.A.A.S.69
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          Dutchman1, I heard that Dutch, I'd rather be able to grow legally, than cuddle up next to my girlfriend, lol
          No joke man, that has got to be an amazing feeling. You are one lucky man.

        • oldjarhead100
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          its a no worries feeling inside i'm fine

        Yes D.A.A.S the whole world is waiting for that day. We are getting there.


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