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58 days of flowering. Should I flush at this point?

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    58 days of flowering. Should I flush at this point?

    I'm now on day 58 of flowering. Not sure when to start to flush? To what I've read most people flush for about 2 weeks? How do you know when you only have a couple weeks to go?

    You have to eyeball it every time. If you grow the same strain more than once you know for sure. But in general is always a guess. It looks good to me to flush.


      too soon:
      -still having white hair production- the trichomes are still glassy/clear.

      I use these factors to consider the "Harvest Window":

      Most - to all hairs- dark and curled, with new hair growth slower than the rate of dark/curling.
      Amber trichomes.

      Once I see any ambers- the harvest window begins and I start feeding water/molasses only.

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        Trichomes are starting to cloud but mostly still clear. Find it hard to see with the little microscope. Where is the best place to look to see Trichomes? Can you tell by the little leaves? They are easy to see but I have a problem finding them on the bud cause it's hard when looking on the plant. I can't stay still enough and I tried to rest but the damn scope is so small lol. First grow so I'm having fun. My mouth is watering for those sparkling nugs!


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          Look at the buds, as the leaves will ripen sooner-
          If you have a newer phone with a camera- you can take a hi-def pic and then use a computer/tablet to blow up the area and see the trichomes.

          Another marker is when the clouded trichomes topple from it's own weight. (useful with strains that may not turn amber ie some sativa's)

        Thank you. Here is s pic I blew up the other day. I am going to try later to get more pics once the light goes out. I love this site! You all are so helpful!


          I would wait til buds have all cloudy trichomes with some ambers, it’s hard to fight the urge to pull them but you’ll be happier with them if you wait.


            How common is it to take more then 11 weeks to finish flowering? I'm close to 10 weeks now and all white hairs are curled with only a few still white. Mostly turned red now. Getting some yellowing on small leaves on buds now. I can't raise my light anymore as I know the top bud has a bit of light damage but not too bad. Used my miniscope today and see mostly cloudy trichomes now. A few amber but very scattered. Started a flush 2 days ago by the advuse of my hydro guy. Was able to show him the plant and he said start flushing. It's time. Woohoo! My other girl is at least 2-3 weeks behind but has nugs bigger then my first. No clue to the stain on this one. The other is OG Kush. The mystery has very dark leaves vs. light green on the Kush. Even has a different smell. Can't wait!


              Are you counting weeks from 12/12 or from first appearance of flowers? 11 weeks from 12/12 is common for lots of indica dominant hybrid strains. It takes a few days to two weeks to see flowers after the 12/12 flip so 11 weeks from 12/12 can be 9 weeks of flowering. Sounds like you made the right call and are now flushing. Keep watching those trichomes during flush so you can see how they progress. Enjoy!
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