Drying and curing of this grow: https://forum.growweedeasy.com/forum...ies-autoflower

The method I use- is loosely based on the Grateful Grower process combinded with other techniques-
It's my attempt to take the guesswork out of this proccess and simplify the amount of work/reward ratio.

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I am currently in a low humdity environment: under 30% and temps 65f-70f

Harvest plant by removing branches intact from stem and cut fans off and trim shake leave tips only (I want to help slow down the drying process for this harvest).

Hang the branches, (not touching eah other) where there is some airflow, but not directly on the buds. I like usb fans for this.
I use a dark closet and in this case a tent- for the added benefit of outside exhaust with gentle 4" inline fan.
It will be dry to touch and jar ready in only 3 days.

I will post pics of progress and changes - It's a 3 week process.