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DIY Drainage system (If you're tired of lugging around a shop vac!)

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    DIY Drainage system (If you're tired of lugging around a shop vac!)

    I posted a couple of these pictures in a different thread and Deadhead91 requested that I put together a post to explain my DIY drainage system.
    There are several solutions for eliminating run-off water. This solution requires some effort to build, but I believe that the effort it saves during the grow is well worth it.
    I use two saucers with 2x4s in between to elevate. This does cost 3.5” of vertical, but that is all that is needed to gravity drain. I attach drain lines which use gravity to drain all my saucers into one common collection saucer which can easily be removed/swapped/dumped. No moving plants. No hauling around noisy shop-vacs. Simple - Easy

    Materials Used:
    • 14” hydrofarm saucers:
    • Taozun Cone Washers:
    • A 2x4 cut into 8” sections (need three per finished saucer)
    • ½” (external diameter) drain line (purchased locally)
    • SuperGlue
    • Screws
    • Silicone caulk/sealant

    Step 1: Attach drain lines to top saucers
    1. SuperGlue cone washers to drain line
    2. Drill ½” hole near edge of saucer
    3. SuperGlue cone washer (with drain line) to bottom of saucer
    Step 2: Attach 2x4s to bottom saucer
    1. See arrangement in diagram
    2. Drill from bottom
    3. Apply silicone sealant/caulk in screw hole (before screw)
    Step 3: Assemble
    1. Drill ½” hole for drain line to pass through edge of bottom saucer (see pics)
    2. Feed drain line through that hole until top saucer is positioned above bottom saucer
    3. Drill holes – caulk - screw
    Step 4: Install
    1. Keep lines below the level of the saucers.
    2. Run all lines to a common saucer
    3. I use a small section of 2x4 to hold the ends of lines in the drain saucer

    Thank you and that is awesome


      Thanks for this. I’ve been looking for a better method for drainage.


        I should of looked for this instead of just doing lol Thanks Campesino
        new grow room built summer of 2017 ,argo max tent for veging ,big kahuna reflector, 1000hps with added leds for the full spectrum . 15th indoor grow ,5 years outside gorilla grows(stealth is the key),veg under t5s growing autos under 300w leds
        current grow


        • Campesino
          Campesino commented
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          No problem oldjarhead100
          Yes, the 1/2 inch lines have worked great, but I can understand why 1/4 inch lines would not drain properly because of surface tension... This makes me wonder, are you using a wetting agent (surficant)? something like SM-90 or Yucca? If not, I recommend it! It will help the plants, and it will help clearing the run-off. Surficants reduce the surface tension of water.
          Thanks also for rescuing this thread! I plan to link to it in my upcoming drip and drain post, but it has been buried in the crypt for months!

        • oldjarhead100
          oldjarhead100 commented
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          its ordered thanks

        Thank you for the details, Camp. The photos in your diaries helped me come up with what I’m using right now for my second grow, but I’m going to have to take it farther when I move them into my bloom tent.

        I imagine you can remove a drain line from the 2x4 in the drain pan to another container in order to check the runoff from a single plant?
        Grow #1 - 1 mystery bag seed girl, Miracle Gro soil 😠, 32x32x65 economy tent, 450 watt Viparspectra reflector series light, 4” fan and scrubber. Planted in late December. 7th week of blooming.

        Grow #2 - 5 mystery bag seeds plants, 60/40 coco/perlite, 18x24x48 indoor greenhouse wrapped in black plastic, 300 watt Viparspectra LED. I’m learning...


        • Robear
          Robear commented
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          Ill keep my eyes open for it, Campesino. I’ve been considering building a platform to put the tents on. They’re not big tents and I like the idea of getting the plants off the concrete floor so I don’t have to spend so much time on my knees. I was going to use the space beneath for drainage, reservoirs, and misc. storage. I imagine your bucket plan will fit in there perfect.

        • Campesino
          Campesino commented
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          Well, if you have the height, you won't need to put a pump in the bucket!
          My pump works automatically when water level in the bucket reaches 1.75 inches. This is critical, because I only have a couple inches to work with. If you have more vertical height, then they could just drain into a bucket that you could swap out. This will be cheaper and easier. I would consider making the platform tall enough to slide a 5 gallon bucket under it.

        • Robear
          Robear commented
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          Yep. That was exactly my plan. I’ll post pics when I get it done in a few weeks.

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