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    Yellow Leaves

    Hoping to get some help on why my plant has yellow leaves. Growing in in Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil, 12 inch pot Ph is around 5.5-6.0. Using a 27 gallon plastic container with a Morsen Full Spectrum UFO Led Grow Light 150W and strip lights around the side of the growing container. Plant is about 3-4 weeks old. I have had success in the past using the same set up so I am a little perplexed on what's going on. Any ideas or thoughts would be really appreciated. Thanks fellow growers.

    ~UrbZ~ Grow Big or Go Home!


      That girl needs FOODS!


        I don't think the problem is food. FF Ocean Forest soil is already full of nutrients and doesn't need any more added for the first 4 weeks or longer. I use a blended mix of FF OF and FF Happy Frog with about 30% perlite because Ocean Forest alone is way too strong for seedlings and young plants. If this is your problem, your girls will probably be okay given a little time. Just add Cal-Mag and properly PH your water - I think you should raise your PH to 6.0, too. About the time you're ready to flip to 12/12 you will want to start supplementing the soil with nutrients.
        I like big buds and I can not lie.

        Somango XXL (3 gal)
        Blue Mystic (7 gal)
        VIPARSPECTRA 450W LED Grow Light
        Coco Coir w/30% perlite
        Fox Farms Nutrients plus Cal-Mag Plus


          The medium looks really dry. And you said you have lights around the pot? You don't need side lighting. They look a little burnt to me. Ffof is strong but that looks like it got too much of something or not enough.I still give my little plants silica and calmag. Is it really dry where you are growing or hot? Did you over water and let it dry up like that?

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            thanks for the help, I will add the cal mag and up the ph slightly. I also wanted to add that the temp of the enclosure is right at 70F with 45% humidity. The soil was a bit dry as I was afraid I was over watering. Again appreciate the help and any further ideas are welcome, this is my last seed so I really want to have success. I also took another picture from just a few minutes ago.


            • Dagmar
              Dagmar commented
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              70F is a little cool - I believe that's at the bottom of the acceptable range. Humidity is okay. GWE has good tips on how to know when to water. Nothing you can't fix. You'll do fine.

            • Chefbjy
              Chefbjy commented
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              Actually humidity is okay but could be higher. Seedlings and young plants like humidity a lot of people start sees in humidity domes. Temps could go up to 85f as long as humidity is good. Idk how close the light was either still looks like it got burnt.

            • BlueBudz
              BlueBudz commented
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              I don’t think 70° is the problem, my environment often goes below that and just makes em slow to grow. Looks like she got real dry to me, maybe started cooking under the light? Not sure. but 70° is not going to cause this

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