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Growing medical in ecuador

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    Growing medical in ecuador

    Hi guys, Complicated questions.

    Ecuador has 12 hours daylight year round and in the Upper Highlands the temp ranges from 50 to 72, year round. The sun is more intense because we will be at elevation. OK for growing outdoors? Will I get multiple crops or are the poor dears just going to get confused and give up?

    I have Bipolar Disorder and got serious side effects from anti-psychotic meds. I also have Tardif Diskenesia and started medical marijuana to help with the spasms and tics. Turns out it is very good for my symptoms of mania and to help with sleep. Currently I have three glasses of tincture a day and have cbd oil if i feel the need to layer. I would love to have a sublingual for need it quick emergencies. I haven't used cannabis recreationly so I'm new to all this.

    Now that I have found something that works, we are moving to Ecuador. Our visit to ecuador, unmedicated, was horrible - multiple psychotic episodes. So, I'm growing - a total newbie. And it is super important to me.

    Suggestions on strains? Tropical light and and Ecuador temp; easy to grow; super-duper nighttime that can fight the mania; and, an easy going daytime with absolutely no feeling good or chief poobah of the universe characteristics that could set mania off. Since I take cannabis 24/7, the daytime needs to be peaceful and focused and no problems doing business or dealing with people. There is such a thing as marijuana-induced psychosis and i keep an eagle eye out for first symptoms And, of course I need to be able to get the seeds (and smuggle them from US to Ecuador (or send to ecuador, recommendations)). I would want to grow at least 4 plants to hit the strains, and maybe safety plants. A quick time until harvest would be nice.

    The impossible dream? I gotta figure this out.

    Mucho gracias

    Hey Namaste, welcome to the forum! Not the impossible dream at all!!! There is nothing better than growing it yourself. There is a learning curve, of course, so be prepared to make mistakes and learn from them. Read everything on the GWE website.

    You can't go wrong with strong CBD strains, and I'm a firm believer in keeping some THC in there as well. From what I've read, the CBD works far better in a synergistic relationship to the other cannabinoids, terpenes, etc. I purchased some CBD slab from CBDistillery that I have mixed with some high-THC tincture I made, and it makes a difference--it gives a much mellower high.

    As to which strains will grow well outdoors 12/12, I'll be interested to hear what other growers have to say.
    Anyone can grow mid grade weed easy. If you want to grow top shelf bud, study hard.

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      Agreed, I like a 1-1 ratio for my pain issues though.

    As for a day time strain that will actually do well with 12/12 right off the bat, I would suggest a sour diesel or a sativa landrace like Columbian gold, or a Mekong haze. The sativa landraces take a long time to flower and don't look like top shelf buds, but for a great daytime smoke that's the way to go.
    I can' really recommend a night time smoke because weed gives me insomnia.


      Are you saying that there is always 12 plus hours of light, because thats what I am grasping?. It is the equator. If so growing outdoors will be difficult there, you'll never have the correct light schedule to flower and likely have to bring them in or cover them to flower.

      Or switch to autoflowering plants. Then light will not matter.
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        Wow it is literally 12 hours of light everyday of the year. give or take a few minutes.

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        Thanks. What really blows my mind .... you know that the bathtub eddy flows different direction in the north and south hemispheres. At the equator it goes straight down the drain. And you can't walk a straight line at the equator because both poles are pulling at you equally. Visitors welcome.

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        I was planning on retiring to Ecuador, or Belize. I've been looking into buying a bit of land. Working around the governmental red tape of foreigners buying land looks to be a bit of a struggle though.


      * Hindu Kush

      * Master Kush

      * Master Kush x Northern Light

      * Northern Light x Shiva

      * Shiva

      Great equatorial growing strains.
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        You can harvest twice a year easily. You just need to place a light bulb (any kind like household led or cfl) over your outdoor plants and turn it on one hour in the middle of he 12 hours night. This will keep the plants from flowering untey they reach a good size and maturity. Then stop the light so they get 12/12. Good luck. You should check on YouTube Jorge Cervantes channel. He’s been visiting grows in Cauca Colombia pretty much the same environment


          Autoflowers are the way to go for you as far as Im concerned. But If you wanna try growing bigger plants with more bud then ya, supplemental lighting with your 12 hour normal light schedule should work. Strains to use are easy to find on and they can get the seeds to you ;-) .


            When I was working on a cargo ship we always stopped in Quiakiel ? Ecuador descent pot was not hard come by not expensive. I would find out what works best for the locals and improve on it ! Lol


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