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Will a Hermie affect my other plants?

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    Will a Hermie affect my other plants?

    Hey everyone! I just realized that my bloody skunk has some seeds. Is this going to spread to my other plants?

    Can I collect the seeds and grow them? Will they be feminized anymore?

    First time I have had this situation occur.

    The seed is the little green speck in the bud. I saw them before, but I finally pulled one out and it was definitely a seed.

    Past Grows

    Could be genetics but at that point there is nothing you can do and the seeds will most likely be hermies anyways now since it hermied already


    • Deadhead91
      Deadhead91 commented
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      The other plants were probably pollinated too though

    • D.A.A.S.69
      D.A.A.S.69 commented
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      Man that's aggravating ain't it, that plant sure was a pretty color, I've pulled em off before an had good luck. But you can't never tell what caused that can you, I don't think nobody knows for sure.

    • Doubledealing72
      Doubledealing72 commented
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      Is there any way to tell if pollination definitely happened? I don't see any sacs on it anywhere. Doesn't mean there wasn't any though.

      I'm too far in with the others to just cut them down. I'll probably end up keeping them until they are ready to go

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