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    Limited Space Questions

    So I have two tents running both in flower. 1 Has 3 large plants(too big for the tent) the other has 4 smaller plants(with plenty of room to spare).

    So my question is If I can possibly rearrange my plants to fit better in both tents could I do it without stressing?

    Both tents are near same enviroment within 2° F and 3% RH variations.

    The only thing that differs is light.

    1 tent has a much stronger 1800 Cob with 2 100 watt accent leds. Tents is 1 drawing 550 from the wall. Lights are at about 28 inches above canopy. Plants recieving 68,000 lux at this level.

    Tent 2 has 2 1000 king leds pulling about 600 from the wall. Lights are at 24 inches above the canopy. At this level tallest buds are recieving over 80,000 lux. But showing no ill effects. Average lux of canopy is about 72,000.

    Wondering if I should leave them and hope for the best. Or attempt to rearrange.
    ~UrbZ~ Grow Big or Go Home!

    You should rotate the plants between tents to try and get a more even growth, the bigger plants you got is probably cause of the better light give them maybe a better spectrum not too sure about lights but I definitely think switching tents might help for the future.


      You could try 1 small plant and 2 big plants in one tent and 3small to 1 big plant but be careful the small ones get enough light and not get overshadowed by bigger plants with that being said I'd go with my first option just cause if you switch the tents all together the big ones sorta stunt maybe little just so you don't run out of room


        Should be fine moving them around. I can't think of anyt that would happen. As long as they're on the same light schedule, you should be fine.


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          Yup exactly the same light schedule. Both are 1 am to 1 pm.

          Thank you.

        Okay cool moving them shouldnt be an issue.

        Heres the scoop.

        Tent 1 with the more powerful light and bigger plants was vegged 2 full months and trained to be bushes. All 3 same strain 2 show more indica and 1 more sativa.

        Tent 2 was vegged for only 1.5 months and only supercropped and topped once. They are actually taller but not as bushy. 3 different strains. 2 of 1 strain and 1 each of another 2. All 4 are indica heavies.

        So to be honest I dont know what actual effects the different lights themselves had growth wise as they were different veg periods. Both tents are full spectrum and not that far off from actual draw.

        That was my thought exactly. Move 2 of the largest plants from tent 2 in with the largest plant in tent 1 under the cob. That leaves 3 in tent 1.

        Then take the 2 smaller smaller plants from tent 1 and put them with the 2 smallest in tent 2. That keeps 4 in this tent. The lights aren't as strong but have a way better footprint for 4 plants.

        Thanks for chiming in.
        ~UrbZ~ Grow Big or Go Home!


          That sounds like a good plan. I've had similar issues before. Because I end up with plants of different heights in the same area I just put the shorter ones on "lifts" to get them even with the canopy of the larger plants. I run into this all the time because I often grow 4 strains at the same time. You can use just about any sturdy surface large enough to support your planter and dish. I've used short step stools, wooden boxes and these plastic things my wife used to use when she taught an exercise class. They work the best because you can stack them to get whatever height you need about 3" at a time. My pans fit perfectly on top.
          Good thing is she hasn't asked for them back! But she knows they are being put to better use than sitting stacked in the garage so I think she'd good with it!
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