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Deformation in the Flowering Stage

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    Deformation in the Flowering Stage

    I check out all the pics on the site and see very few to no leaves on flowering plants, and I am just wondering when and if I should remove the leaves from mine? My girls are approximately 2& half weeks into the Flowering Stage 18 days in. I am not clear o this procedure and don't want to make any mistakes. This is my 3rd grow and I have done ok but I have also struggled through all of them but am getting better with each one. I would appreciate some feed back. Thank You kindly.

    SIZE: (5')x(2',6'')x(8')
    LIGHTS: 600watt mh Veg./ 600 watt hps Flowering
    Ventilation: 240 cfm inline fan
    Circulation: 2 6inch fans
    Medium: regular potting soil (no nutes)
    Nutrients: Fox Farm Trio Organic

    We need some pics please


      Controversial defoliation can increase your yields dramatically indoors... but removing leaves is for advanced growers only! When done wrong, defoliation can kill your plants!


      Thank you for your feed back I will check out the defoilation instruc here is a pic of my 2 girls


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        They look fine for day 18, and if they have been healthy and stretching through these last 18 days, I'd suggest you get ready for the day 21 defoliation as described in the tutorial. You need to decide how aggressive you want to be with it.

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