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Has anyone seen this before??

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    Has anyone seen this before??

    Hi everyone,

    So I germinated and then planted 8 Super Skunk seeds and everything was good.

    A few days ago 2 of the plants started acting strange.

    the 1st and 2nd set of leaves appeared but the 3rd set were joined which stopped the plant continuing to grow.

    I know this sounds mental but I've grown for years always with great results and I'm at a loss as to what has happened.

    I have back ups so no issue but can't find anything online that explains it.

    Can anyone help??

    Maybe just a bad seed or bad genetics. That looks so weird, is there anything wrong with the roots maybe? Root problems will make the plant just stop growing, or ph problems those are my only guesses.


      I’ve had a situation similar where instead of a main branch it grew two fan leaves stuck together siames style and the two nodes below became main branches. Eventually I took off the weird leaf and everything was normal again


      • 9fingerleafs
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        You could even remove that top “node” and let the two below to grow

      • St.buds
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        I've had the exact same experience

      Looks like you have a volunteer manifold. Just let the lower growth tips take over.
      I think it’s cool!


        My money's on too much nitrogen. Those are really glossy green leaves . Too much nitrogen means it's absorbing too much light. It's twisting to get out of the light so it won't burn it's self alive
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        • Waltermelon
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          I would suggest moving them to a dimmer light source and a light flush until it returns to normal.

        Thank you guys....I have taken the bad leaf of both plants but do have back ups...just not sure why it's done if now


          I read an artical about deformities can't remember where but it said it was genetics I know thats not much sorry lol
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