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Problems with deficiency plus toxicity plus overwatering?

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    HYDRO Problems with deficiency plus toxicity plus overwatering?

    Hi everyone I’m very glad to be a part of this forum and community. I want to ask some questions about problems in my garden.
    Some of my plants shows signs of deficiencies like brown spots on leaves and I can’t understand what exactly this signs means. I think about calcium or manganese deficiency but I’m not sure. Problem spreads from medium of plant on leaves that exposed to light and actively growing but youngest leaves and plants not showing any signs of this problem. Also, some (and the same) plants showing some “claws” on leaves like nitrogen toxicity. I think of changing water and increase nutrients level in water with next stage recommended by ghe, maybe can help with those, but I scared of disturbing young plants and roots and also nitrogen toxicity. Maybe add more flora micro and less flora grow than ghe recommends? Other side, plants starts drooping their leaves but plants which is more drooped not showing brown spots or shows but much less in this case I think of overwatering but I can’t understand how overwatering can happens in setup like top fed dwc. Maybe I should change timing of water pump or remove 1 of 2 sprinkles to let medium be more dry.
    My setup is 1x2 meters, 2x600w hps, 8 top fed 30 liters dwc.
    Temperatures around 26-30 c at day and 23-24 c at night, humidity is very low, around 20%, which is rising with temperatures (with 35 c it can rise up to 57%), but I can’t rise it at all with all my diy methods, whatever I try.
    Medium is clay pebbles and root riot starter cubes
    My feeding based on ghe chart but it’s different from those which represented here
    I add (per 10 liters):
    2,5 milliliter of flora gro, micro (for hard water) and bloom
    2 milliliter of bio roots
    20 milliliter of diamond nectar
    1 milliliter of ata clean
    2 pipette drops of hesi supervit
    All dosage recommended by manufacturers on label
    Ph is 6.0 and I don’t know the ppm level
    Also yesterday I sprayed leaves with mix that consist (per 1 liter) of:
    Bio protect 5 milliliter
    Diamond nectar 2 milliliter
    Hesi supervit 1 pipette drop
    My seeds is Dutch passion white widow and I moved them into final medium 14 days ago.
    Sorry for my language if I wrong)
    Thank you for the answers!
    Brown spots middle leaves 1 Drooping Brown spots middle leaves 2 Drooping Claw and brown spot on single plant

    Morning Sqrl, welcome to Gwe, I hate to ask, but is there anyway you can take a picture in natural light ? That would help tremendously, being able to see the problem spots. Just lookin, they mighty healthy to me, but I can't see very well.
    Cfls for a week or two
    315lec for everything else
    Dug up Ms.topsoil, with perlite added
    36x36x63 inch tent.
    6inch - exaust - intake fans an scrubber
    Smart pots


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      Hello, D.A.A.S.69, thank you for answering!

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      Hello Sgrl, looks like 88 might be right, with the cal-mag, is there anyway you
      can see your roots real good, what color they are ?
      Ps, sorry it took so long, I had to go help a friend in the woods, get a deer out.

    There are more useful photos
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      I have not had the pleasure yet to grow hydro... Well I grow in coco but seems way different! Anyhow looking at the pic here an I don't see no nutrient def. Perhaps your water temps are too high are low, or kinda looks like she needs a little calmag.. Or what's your water ph at? But honestly I would wait for a hydro grower sorry ah best of luck!


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        Hello, Trichomefarmer88, thank you! Ph is 6.0 as I say, and you right, one day water temp rises I don’t now how much exactly cause I haven’t water thermometer but feels warm on the hand, so it rises much. I don’ think that it falls too much at night just maybe but I can’t control that in this moment. And I don’t know the ppm to add much more fertilizers and I follow the ghe feeding chart and I haven’t some nutrient like cal mag at this moment I believe that would be right solution cause I don’t like their leaves color. Label of flora micro says it has some amount of calcium and manganese and other helpful elements in its composition, so I think add more of this in next mix
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      Growing in hydro in any form from what I understand you NEED to get your self cal magic an asap! Yes there is some in your micro, but from what I understand not enough... I run about a table spoon a gallon for Coco.. An don't use more micro than it says.. Micro had most of your nitro in it! If you start jacking it up you're more than likely going to burn the hell out of your plant.. And again I've never grown in Dwc but I have seen that your water temps make all the difference! That temp needs to stay perfect


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        You right about water temperatures but in previous cycles I had seen even more fluctuations in it and no showing signs like brown spots, it has more drooping look and unhappy overall. And cal mag seems the right solution for this but it’s over during previous run, and before that I had another cycles in dwc without cal mag at all, just flora trio without something and almost everything was perfect..

      Yes, you have a Ca deficiency. If you look at how pH effects the plants ability to uptake nutrients from the solution. I also use the GH Flora trio in my RDWC rig and I let it start at 5.5 and raise it during the week to 6.5 Adding some CalMag will help. Ca always shows on older leaves first with spotting as the plant sucks it out of older growth. I don't use all of the additives you have-only the base nutes with some CalMag as needed and some Liquid Kool Bloom. I would look at using a beneficial root inoculant to try and inhibit root rot since your water temps are to high.
      Try and get your pH to swing from 5.5 to 6.5, that will help the plant utlize all of the nutes in solution.
      5x5 grow space
      800w of Vero's and F-strips
      4-17gal totes self-made UC system.


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        Thank you for most helpful answer man!

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