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    Quick question about venting my grow room.I'm going to be dividing my room into two sides,one side will be for veagging and the other will be budding.My plan is to put a reflective tarp up to separate them and put a hole in it for the ducting.The question is can I vent into the veagging side?Or will my orginal plan work,which is to put a six inch hole into the door and vent into basement.The problem is I don't want a six inch hole in my door,so I was going to do it Shawshank style and cover hole with poster and poke a ton of pin holes into poster for air flow.
    Thanks in advance

    What kind lights do you have? How hot is it in there right now? What kind of intake for air? Intake temp?

    ​​​​​You'll be venting the hot air from the flower room to the veg, and then recirculating that hot air back to the flower. That's the way it sounds like it's setup? If it is, not very efficient and my guess is you'll have high temps
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      Rosetta right about the heat , I think you are going to have bigger problems than heat though, I have a 8 foot long room tent that I made into two I used flexible insulation sold at lowes or HD and I had to put 2 layers of it so stop all light leaks into the bloom side . I think that tarp will allow light into your bloom room .

      As for your door why dont you just swap the good door for a cheep one , I think the cheep ones are around 20 bucks

      Are you going to use a inline exsaust fan if so I think it will suck that poster right in . pictures of your grow space would help with ideas for you , Sorry for being so negative I am usually not
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        Getting a tarp to seal all the light could be just about impossible imo. But as far as the venting goes, I have fan and filter in flower room. Then I use a6” flexible duct to my veg room then a duct from veg room to fresh air. This pulls all fresh air through the veg room into the flower room then through the filter and out of both rooms. Sorry if that sounds confusing
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        • RosettaStoned
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          Exactly how I'm doing it

        Maybe your trying to do to much at once? The venting will remove your hot air but it won't cool either space.
        The simple answer to your question is no you can't do that.

        If your Flowers get light during their night time they will probably reveg. One solution would be to move the veg to another space until your harvest is ready. Saying that you may have the opportunity to move the veg to a closet, a kitchen cupboard or even the Bathroom tub/shower with CFL's until you can move them into your flower tent. IDK what strain your growing , auto's will flower no matter what light schedule they are on so You could leave it on a 12/12 schedule to prevent reveging your plants in flower. Bottom line the flowers must be protected from extraneous light during their dark periods
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