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  • starramus
    commented on 's reply
    Yes usually 7, but better than 8.

  • Zaxar

    ​​​​​​Pics are right after the flush, so that's why soil looks so wet.

    I was reading that vinegar is more stable than lemom powder.
    But what is best, to wait until soil dries out or water with vinegar'ed water tomorrow.

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  • Zaxar
    commented on 's reply
    No the seeds are from my local online shop. And what you mean about distilled what, does it have lower ph?

  • Tika
    Strongly suggest for your future PH down at least and a BlueLab pH tester. Expensive but worth dry cent.
    In just looking at your images...I would suspect your soil is too wet?
    Lastly: most pro growers still test theirpH perfect regardless since if it were true we would ALL be using their brand.
    Again...Just my opinion.

    And nice flowers coming to a pipe near you

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  • starramus
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    Great strain Blueberry one of our favorites. Is it from Seedsman?

  • starramus
    You might try using just distilled water, or rain water. Do you have a rain barrel? I am sure that is available in your locale. Distilled probably a bit pricey, but what the hell. Not sure what that looks like, but I think you'll make it to harvest.

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  • Zaxar
    started a topic HELP! Blueberry need your help

    Blueberry need your help

    Hello growers!

    As I told you in previous posts I grow Blueberry fem.

    Here are some info:

    Strain: ​​​​ Blueberry
    Week 3 of flowering
    Growlight: Viperspectra 450W
    Growing medium: Soil
    Temp/humidity: 27 (Celsius)/50
    nutrients: General hydroponic flora trio

    PH: 8.0

    As I mentioned PH is hight, so that causes some deficiencies.
    ​​​​​Maybe manganese or magnesium deficiency (or both together)

    brown dots and yellowing started from bottom and moving up at the top.
    However buds are growing well.

    First thing I did was flush. Unfortunately I dont have such great thing like GH ph up/down, so I use lemon powder which is not best option, but does something.

    I flushed with Ph'ed (6.5) water, 3 times more liters that my pot is. But PH is still 8.0

    In my opinion problem is in lemon powder which is not such strong to maintain low PH. Or maybe I need more amount...

    ​​​​​​​Anyway would be glad to hear your advises.

    P.S. I know that best option is to buy PH up/down but it needs about 2 weeks for product to arrive in my country, So I have to do something before.

    One more option I think about is that my friend who is also grower uses "advcanced nutrients" which got PH perfect technology, but I dont wont to mix GH with other brand nutrients.


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