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Transplanting Coco coir to living soil or FF ocean Forest a good idea?

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    Transplanting Coco coir to living soil or FF ocean Forest a good idea?

    Has anyone tried and succeeded with the above method? I hear that if I flush before transplanting, there shouldn't be any problem. Please give advice.

    Transplanting is all about the roots. If there is no damage to the roots, there is generally no problems with transplanting.
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      I had the same question a week or so ago. General consensus. It’s fine.


        I do this with every grow now!
        There is no need to flush and I feed it one more time using Nebula's auto, coco nutrient schedule before switching to an organic with minerals- feed schedule.
        It has given me my best yields ever.
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          Why switch? Pick one and stick with it is best plan in my opinion. But that said, I do bonsai and when you transplant you remove most of the soil and 1/3 of the roots and foliage. You put them in new soil and ive never had one die from transplanting. ( ive killed many other ways). I agree with Flockshot, if there is no damage to the roots they will be fine. On the bonsai note, I read an interesting piece a long time ago. An interview with a bonsai master from Japan. They asked how he had gotten so good. His answer was " Ahh....I killed many bonsai ". We should try to be more humble in our approach to growing weed. I get tired of hearing "its just a weed, its easy to grow" . Everything is easy once you know how. Ok......Im ranting.


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