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Blazed227's 5TH grow!!

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    Blazed227's 5TH grow!!

    Ok so the little babys are all rooted an some are showing new growth!! Let's start this thing off right, there acctually in old used dirt lol, didn't have any didn't realize my tub was empty.. an had the clones cut sittin in cups of water so I had to improvise.. damn wife used the rest of it to pot her damn flowers!!!!! So I used dirt from one that had recently got cut down.. so anyway I went an. Bought new dirt so there ready for transplantin , right now just foliarin them with 13 essentials an like an 8th of the recommended grow nutes (fox farm)
    ive switched nutes about 4 times in 5 grows.. still haven't found one I really like yet.. usin fox farm now so will see how she goes... Anyways. Usin sunshine mix #4 with some extra goodness I added in, get into that later..
    So right now there under a 4000k cree cob led. Is 260 watts, an she's pulled up pretty far, just started lowering it down.. not sure how close to get it since technically it's a high bay light..ive used before to add light for flowering but not sure how good/bad it is for clones.. will see I guess ,anyway here's some pics of the girls . Still waiting on seeds prolly will be. Couple weeks an I don't wanna wait.. gonna get these as big as possible in the few weeks it takes the seeds to get here an gonna throw them in the 4x8 flower room.. by then will only b 3 plants in there so will b plenty of room, anyway here's some pics of the new ladies, there are some critical sensi star , ogk, an kushberry all clones from my girls that are flowering, there all rooted, some we're looking a little ruff but seem to be doing. Good now.. 16/16 made it an only 2nd time cloning so not so bad I gotta say.. was kinda hoping some didn't make it so I didn't have so many... I have a hard time throwing out perfectly good females..🙄🙄
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    Great success on the cloning !


      Blazed, they look quite lively, but some are a little stretched, no? I think your plan not to veg them too long is a good one!! Man, you're going to be rolling in buds!
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        A few are a little stretched but that was from when I clipped them the new growth has just started I'll plant them a little deeper in the bigger pots once they start to take off an all should be good.. yea I won't be able to fit them in the flower room to big lol may keep them in 1 gal pots.. I have one I left in a 1 gal smart pot I'm about to harvest an she ain't to shabby.. besides that's prolly the biggest size I can puttem in an still haven't fit!! Plus gotta make room for the new seeds!!
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          Those are looking nice 227, and yeah I just cut down an auto that's been growing for 68 days in a 1 gallon SmartPot, I wasn't expecting much, but I'm definitely gonna get a nice surprise on the yield. Good Luck with all of those young seedlings,
          I'm like you I can't bring myself to kill a nice healthy young seedling.

        Thanks everyone!! An yea I'd rather add another light an squeeze in another one or try an put it outside.. brings a tear to my eye even thinking about it lol
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