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Where exactly should the top feed hose go?

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    Where exactly should the top feed hose go?

    I'm using rockwool cubes for my hydropnics bucket and I was curious about the location of the tube. Do I need it hitting the rockwool or the hydroton(exactly where if this is the case)?

    Personally, I put the drips as far away from the center as I can to encourage root expansion. Typically with the hydroton you will have water going all over the place once it drips so it should still reach the rockwool cubes while also encouraging roots to spread. Just my 2cents. Best of luck with it!
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      Howdy RFheavy, I put the drip feeder tube in the net pots right at the bottom of the cubes on a slightly down hill slope (to try to discourage the root from growing into the tube) just where the stream will 'wet' the bottom of the cube. This has seemed to allow the roots to grow down into the reservoir. Once the roots have grown into the reservoir, the circulation pump can be turned off, if one wishes, but the constant flow does aid in circulating the water and keep the roots wet. I do turn off the pump if it becomes clogged and rely on the air stones to give some circulation.
      Good luck with Your grow.
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        I run a single feed tube for each bucket of my RDWC-I just make a loop/coil around the seedling to keep the cube moist. When there is sufficient root development to get into the solution I move the feed through the lid and let it trickle into the bucket-seems to work really well for me.
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