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Why are my Leafs curling ?

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    Why are my Leafs curling ?

    Hi Everyone,

    im on week 3 of flowering 12/12 and I've noticed that a lot of my plants have leafs that are curling were the bud starts to form. Any idea what causes this? I was thinking wind burn but I'm not sure. Any help would be great

    Have you changed your nutes to flowering nutes? Are you sure your giving correct amount? Leaves curling down generally means not enough nutes(but usually shows on more then just those leave) have you changed your lighting?
    could also be caused by heat stress... or wind


      What medium are you growing in? Temp in the room? Humidity? Daskahn could be right with wind burn or not enough nutes.

      I wish the problems that arised in these plants were extremely easy to identify. Sadly, there are too many similar symptoms that could be two totally different things

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