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    Needless to say Arizona is hot and dry (5% humidity avg.), I'm gonna need help before I harvest. Anyone he any tips on how to deal with the lack of humidity/control. I tried a humidifier, but it seemed to be a hassle. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanx!!!

    What do you mean, it seemed to be a hassle? You have to have more humidity than 5% for a good dry and cure process. If you have an RH meter, you could use wet towels in your drying room, I guess; I'd go with a humidifier and I'd fiddle with it until I got the right RH for the room.
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      Best thing for drying in AZ. is evaporative cooler. If it is really humid or extra hot you made need to add supplemental AC. This can get expensive but is best way. I used AC only last year and was not happy with results. It will be a lot of work but I am gonna do it better this year. I am open to new ideas.


        I am thinking this year I will put a portable evap cooler in an unused room that has a window. This will not work for you if you have neighbors.


          Thank you to both for your answers! I think imma try to dry in tent with humidifier again maybe incorporate a timer. What I meant about "hassle", it's the fact I'm going through cancer treatments, and obviously gets tough to keep up with the first few weeks.


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            Hey Grand, I can understand that. Once you get the humidifier fine-tuned-- I have a little cheap one that shuts off when the room hits a certain humidity--you shouldn't have to hassle with it. Hope you got someone who can lend you a hand when you need it!!

            I have the opposite problem in the dirty south: 90-100% humidity right

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