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    Double End Bulbs

    Hello my friends. I want to upgrade my reflector hood and create a better/larger footprint with deeper penatrations. What's all the buzz about these DE bulbs? I have read contradicting articles and reviews. Some say DE's create more light, increase light cover area, and use less energy. Whilst other test claim that our top of the line HPS bulbs out perform the DE bulbs. So.. I'm figuring some of my GWE friends would have some experience here with DE bulbs and will shoot me straight. What's the Buzz. Are DE's becoming the latest and greatest, or are they just different. Better or not so Mutch?
    5.5x8.5x7. 600w mh/hps. 440fan/carbon filter.
    FF soil/course perlite @25%. FF trio big bloom, grow, tiger bloom. PH w/ nutes@6.5.
    Four Green Crack fem. 7 gallon fiber pots.
    1 PKAF. 1 BCF. In 3 gallon fiber pots.
    Sowed 3-27-17. 12/12 light 5-7-17.
    Harvest PKAF 5-30-17 @ 43 grams
    Harvest one of four GC 7-9-17. Weight at time unknown. Will follow.

    Got to see a major grow operation in Denver they were all using the gavita double-ended 1000 Watts the💣. Absolutely great lights but are extremely power-hungry if your grow is limited and small check out 315 CMH. New technology probably one of the better lights you can buy right now just my two cents,☮️


      With double ended you need 10 ceilings.


        The theoreticle efficiency over SE at best is 10% however in reality it ends up being more like half than that. Other than that, they dont offer anything else.
        Being wrong, is only a opportunity for getting things right.

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