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    Reuse soil?

    Starting my first grow.... using fabric 5-gallon pots, with kindsoil in the lower third and FF soil blend on top. Not to get too far ahead of myself... but do folks generally toss the soil after a grow, or can it be reused? The layered soil approach was suggested on one of the web sites I reviewed, and the instructions for kindsoil firmly say that it is not intended to use as the primary growth medium. So even if I chose to reuse the soil, I would have a hard time keeping the kindsoil separate from the top layers, and the nutrients in the kindsoil may be all used up by the first growth...

    Any thoughts?

    You definitely won't get the same benefit from the Kind Soil if you use it again -- all the nutrients your first plant used will be gone.
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      Hey sig, welcome to GWE , I don't know if I would want to use it again, like Aloner said it's all used up but its some damn good stuff. Unless your going to start a compost bed just use it on your yard plants. Good Luck with the KindSoil.
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