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    Hello Everyone,

    I joined the thread for good discussion and advice. I am new to growing, was interested from a childhood friend and I like smoking! I decided to grow using the The EcoGrower GH4920 complete hydroponic system. I have two of these units. I have the following setup..

    I Power 96x48x80 Hrow Tent
    I Power 8 Inch inline fan 770 CFM
    I Power 8x20 Inch Air Carbon Filter
    2 I Power 600W HPS & MH Air cooled reflector hood lights
    2 6 Inch 2 speed adjustable tilt fan
    2 Air Pumps
    4 Air Stones
    Rapid Rooter Plugs
    Clay Pebbles

    I am growing the following

    1 Barneys Farm Pineapple Express ( Auto )
    1 Elemental Mango Tango ( Reg ) waiting to see if male or female... fingers crossed
    1 Dinafem Original Amnesia
    1 Exotic Green Gummy ( Auto )
    5 Critical Kush
    1 Barbara Bud
    1 Gorilla Bomb
    2 Acurite indoor humidity monitor
    1 C.A.P. Art -DNE day night adjustable timer

    I am also using the General Hydrophonics Flora Series nutrients. I welcome any feedback. I will post pictures of my setup and my little precious baby girls shortly.
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    Right on a fellow first grower overkiller!

    welcome Jeremy
    Current Grow: seeds in July 3rd, 2017

    7'x6'x8' custom built room w/ exhaust and carbon filter
    3 (1 not in use yet) 600w IPower dimmable MH/HPS

    Top Fed DWC Bubbleponics
    GH Trio, Hydroguard, and GH Ph kit.
    Strains: all Seedsman, all Feminized, all Fast.
    2 Cinderella 99 x Blueberry
    1 Power Africa x MK Ultra
    2 Big Nugs
    Training: Nebula's modified manifold technique w/ LST as needed.


      Hi Jeremy, your setup looks great. How are you doing the autos? You have one grow tent, right?
      Joined: 10-31-2016
      2 DWC/Hydroponic grow boxes
      Current grow: afghan kush, euphoria cbd, cbd nordle, black domina, blue og, cbd critical cure

      Friendly advice:
      If you want to grow top shelf weed, arm yourself with knowledge:


      • stoner87
        stoner87 commented
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        alltatup I read that you can keep them on the same light schedule as your others. That was my plan seeing that I only had the two and I didn't mean to get Auto seeds. Have you found out anything different? Please share!

      • alltatup
        alltatup commented
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        Jeremy I have understood that the MINIMUM amout of light an auto should get is 18 hrs. on, and many growers just keep the lights on 24 hrs to speed things up. I have some auto seeds (though I really prefer photoperiod plants), so I was looking at how many hours minimum autos have to have. If you have them on 12 hours for the first four-five weeks, it may very well affect the final bud weight, quantity, quality, length of time, etc. I'm not sure about all of that data, but the timing I have read about.

      • alltatup
        alltatup commented
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        I'm reading what various people say; some say just grow em together if the autos are done when you switch to 12/12; someone else on Rollitup says

        "As a plant, it's still the same as a photo in all respects, except the plant will flower on it's own. It does not use circadian rhythm by light to start to flower.....
        Your NOT reducing yields by running them 12/12 during their blooming! If you have a veg area - run them in there! If not - don't worry about it! Your not going to "loose" enough "yield" by running at 18/6 over 12/12 to matter! 24/0 is just stupid! Waste of money!"

        Now I find that interesting and intelligent, so If they have a good period of time under 18/6, and then you switch to 12/12, it will be an experiment and I'll be interested to know what happens! Someone else said make sure to raise them up so they aren't shaded from the light by the growth of the photoperiod plants.

      hi Jeremy welcome to the forum I grow in dirt but if you can figure out a way to manifold your autos in hydro I would do it I am just finishing up some outside autos and the ones I manifolded will produce 3 to 4 times as much as the ones I tried to lst just thought I would share
      new grow room built summer of 2017 ,argo max tent for veging ,big kahuna reflector, 1000hps with added leds for the full spectrum . 15th indoor grow ,5 years outside gorilla grows(stealth is the key),veg under t5s growing autos under 300w leds
      current grow


        Welcome Jeremy can't wait to see some pictures of your plants ,
        4or5. 100watt equivalent cfls for seedlings.
        300 watt, 145watt at the wall. Led for veg.
        315lec for flowering.
        Dug-up Ms.River topsoil with perlite added, using no nutrients but what's in soil.
        1 an 3 gallon SmartPots, using only PHed water at 6.3-6.5 ph. 32x32x63 tent.
        Afghan Kush Ryder from WOS
        Bubblelicious Auto from Nirvana


          D.A.A.S.69 here is a picture of my grow. 1 week 4 days


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