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    Have you used a product from General Hyrdrophonics called Rapidstart? If so do you recommend this product and can it me mixed with the Flora Series?

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    I think its used to help establish and grow roots when cloning. Its referred to as a "Rooting Enhancer". I don't think its a general nutrient added to the GH Flora Trio mix.


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      Howdy Jeremy, The Rapidstart is called out for when using the Flora Maxi series of GH nutrients. In the vegetative period it is used at 2.5 ml per gallon and at 1 ml per gallon during the flowering period. I use a rooting gel (in the rockwool cubes) to help 'boost' root development at the start, but it would help with good root growth during the entire grow. The gel has about the same vitamins and compounds in it as the Rapidstart. I plan to use the Rapidstart after I use up (or when the expiration date comes up) the gel that I have on hand.
      Good luck with Your grow.
      Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


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        Correction to my previous post. RapidStart is listed on the feeding schedule for the Flora Series during Week 2 thru Week 9. I guess I should reed more carefully.
        I've never used it, as the roots seem to reach the nutrients in 7-10 days after set up. I'm starting with well rooted clones in rock wool, with roots visible on the bottom. The rock wool block goes into
        the clay balls.
        Other than CaMg+ I stick to Micro, Gro and Bloom. The resulting roots are massive. The air stone helps with the anti bacterial action of 02.


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          I used it in coco. Grew lots of fine feeder roots. Will use it again next grow.
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            Planning on using it on next grow
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