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First time grow[indoor + outdoor combo] budget CFL + unstable power

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    Hi daas wanted to reply to you with some closer pics with trichromes in view. Scorch does have trichromes but most likely due to its pot size and me keep rubbing the top to smell her, the trichromes are not as easy to catch and definitely not as big ss biggest.

    ​​​​​​Is it still growing larger? Nope, instead the buds are growing out like foxtails, from my research it looks to be a natural phenomenon that happens in sativas, and i am very suspecting that mine is a west African landrace. I read sativas usually have a 2nd growth spurt of the buds in week 8+, where it develops as foxtails but in a natural manner and not from heat stress. I guess it is still popping out more surgar leaves but i dont think it is any bigger, denser definitely.

    Smell is divine! A beautiful Lemon-ish pungent scent when i rub either of them, the older smells more pungent. Because i take them in and out of the house the smell doesnt accumulate, but i have noticed the cupboard i keep them in smelling pungent in the mornings when i let them outside to play. I put them in my ac room one night and i could smell it in the room properly, had to take em out.

    The big one still drinks loads of water but the small one takes longer even in its more shallow and open container.
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      I am bumping this post because it dropped to the second page and I am still waiting on feedback on how long I have left estimated, didnt want it to drown out. Tnx


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