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Micro grow - Amnesia Haze from RQS (1 plant)

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    Micro grow - Amnesia Haze from RQS (1 plant)

    Seed: 1x Amnesia Haze Feminized from Royal Queen Seeds
    Growbox: 40x40x80 with mylar
    Lights: 4x CFL Philips Tornado 32W E27 socket
    Medium: 14 liters pot (about ~ 3,7 gallons)
    Soil: Plagron Growmix
    Fertilizers: Hesi soil set
    Ventilation: 1x 120mm PC in fan, 1x 120mm PC out fan

    Hi there
    I would like to show you guys my Amnesia Haze plant for your suggestion what I should and what I shouldn't do with her
    First day of life: 17th of July 2017. Im planning on strong LST training.

    I took pics daily from 1st day of life to current state (1-9 days)
    By the way, nice to meet you :-)

    Looking nice and healthy so far! No suggestions for training, I have no real experience with it myself. I'm sure the others will be coming along soon with all kindsa helpful advice. Good luck!
    My first grow
    Nirvana ♀ Northern Light photo
    Kind Soil/Roots Organic Original
    5 gal. Smart Pots


      Hi Vierna and welcome to the forum! I have been reading up on micro grows and I'm very interested in the topic. I have four plants that I needed to keep short, so I topped them and switched them to flower after 3 weeks. (I waited to switch to 12/12 until I saw that they had no problem with the topping procedure.)

      Your girl looks like she's growing vigorously, so if that's the case, she's a good candidate for what you plan. Why are you planning a micro grow, by the way?
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      DWC/Hydroponic grow box 26" x 36"
      400 watt MH/HPS lights
      ActiveAqua chiller 1/10 hp
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        Hi, thanks I made a micro grow because I have limited possibilities and space to make something bigger for this moment, and since I'm addicted to growing cannabis I need to care for at least 1 plant ^^


          Little update

          I think everything is okay with her, today I gave her ~3ml/1l of water TNTComplex + Super Vit at every watering.
          LST made at day 13.


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            Vierna she looks AWESOME!!!!!

          Day 27

          Plant is growing quite vigorously, last days I gave her 5ml of TNT Complex (100% dose) with Power Zyme with reguraly 1 drop of Super vit per 4,5l liters of water.
          I'm planning on switching her to 12/12 at day 29 (full 4 weeks), should I give her one extra vegweek? I'm not sure but she just showed her sex already I think.
          Last edited by Vierna; 08-12-2017, 04:59 PM.


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            She's lovely, Vierna; if you see some pre-flower pistils emerging, switch her!

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            I agree with alltatup, looking beautiful vierna. i will be following your grow , very interested in how it go ,trying another micro grow myself .

          33 days of life, 6 days of 12/12
          She is really fast and I am really scared of moment when she'll start stretching lol
          Started to giving her Hesi Boost (NPK 0-1-1) for inducing flowers, with PowerZyme 1-2 times a week, Super Vit at every watering.

          Have a nice weekend


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            She looks happy and healthy! Great job!

          Looking great Vierna, I have a couple of Amnesia Haze by RQS seeds that I plan to use in my next grow, glad to to be along for the ride.


            watching your micro grow vierna is very encouraging , loving it !


              Thank you all for such a good words . I do my best..
              I cut the bottom leaves and she's gonna get second dose of Hesi Boost today, imo amazing flower booster, Im 7-8 days after 12/12 and I can see pistils on every node already. Nice


                Day 40 / 13 day of 12/12

                Yesterday she got first dose of Bloom Complex (60% dose). Stretched a lot during this week. I burned 2 times left node (on picture), because it's stretching amazingly and I missed the right moment . But it looks OK. Have a nice weekend ^^


                • alltatup
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                  I like the picture of the huge amber trichome with whiskers! ;-}

                Nice! I'm subscribed I just bought a night stand from goodwill today tht I will be turning into a one plant grow really interested to see how yours comes along


                  Looking really good vierna im following you and hoping for a great micro grow as well !


                    52 days of life, 25 days on 12/12

                    She's not that bad under just CFLs - she got full dosage of Bloom Complex, HesiBoost & PowerZyme once a week, with SuperVit every watering
                    Buds starting to form

                    She stretched amazingly, nearly all branches are taller than main top, so I screwed up an LST just a little bit, but still like her ^^


                    • tvbfe
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                      Looking good Vierna !

                    Morning Vierna looks like you did fine to me, pretty plant.
                    4or5. 100watt equivalent cfls for seedlings.
                    300 watt, 145watt at the wall. Led for veg.
                    315lec for flowering.
                    Dug-up Ms.River topsoil with perlite added, using no nutrients but what's in soil.
                    3 an 5 gallon SmartPots, using only PHed water at 6.3-6.5 ph.
                    2x2x4 tent.
                    Afghan Kush Ryder from WOS
                    Bubblelicious Auto from Nirvana


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