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    So I've been letting my water sit for at least 24 hours since very early in my grow, to let the chlorine evaporate (after which I adjust the pH). Then I found that my local water authority actually uses monochloramine, which does not evaporate on its own (or, at least, verrrrrry slowly).

    My question is, since the chloramine doesn't evaporate, is there any point at all to letting it sit? My plants seem to have been growing just fine, so it doesn't appear to be affecting them too badly, if at all.
    My first grow

    Howdy Aloner, If You can not smell a chlorine smell then it is safe for Your plants. I make up my feeding solution and fill water a day in advance of the feeding or reservoir change. There are, usually small bubbles showing in the jugs (especially if they are shaken) but these could be air bubbles (most faucets have aerators on them to keep down splashing) or chlorine. If any effect at all, the chlorine will help keep down molds and fungi development.
    Good luck with Your growing.
    Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


    • Aloner
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      Yeah, definitely not enough to smell it, fortunately! Thanks!

    Aloner , I might be able to actually contribute to this forum regarding water chemistry. A small addition of Ascorbic Acid will actually completely neutralize the Chloramines used these days to treat municipal water.

    I don't know the exact chemical effects chloramines have on plants, I just know it's not that wonderful. While we used to be able to sit water out for the old fashion chlorine to evaporate, chloramines don't leave water like that.

    Here's a good link to a good read on water chemistry. It's geared toward beer making, but pretty much the same principles.

    I had a chemist look at my municipal water report and he came up with 40 mg of ascorbic acid/L of municipal water based on my levels should do the trick. Non toxic and very fast chemical reaction.

    Hope this helps.


    • Aloner
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      Nice! (And inexpensive, too!) Thanks for the knowledge!

    • alltatup
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      growdc EXCELLENT! Thanks for the tip!

    My 5 stage RO filter removes all Chloramines from water. (ON DEMAND)
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    • Aloner
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      Something to think about -- thanks!

    aloner.............go to the pet store and get a water conditioner for fish tanks . it takes both chemicals out instantly and dont hurt the fish so it wont hurt the plants


    • Aloner
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      Is it safe for human consumption? The ascorbic acid growdc recommended is actually used as a dietary supplement -- safe for a fish ≠ safe for a human. I'll have to look into it.

    Since it is not broke, I would vote for not fixing it. Just my 2c
    completed 7 grows
    what I have learned so far:
    environment maters more than nutrients
    at least a dab of nutrients in every watering
    effective flushing before harvest is critical to quality


    • Aloner
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      This is, at least temporarily, the path I have to take. Realized I have been -- once again -- underwatering, so they're all getting tap water straight out the tap (pH adjusted, of course). Fingers crossed!

    Since it is not broke, I would vote for improving it . Just my 2c


      So? Have we came to a conclusion on what's best?


        The chloramine hurts the soil biology not sure it hurts the plant? I use Ascorbic acid In my living soil. One can also use just a hand full of compost and swirl in the water that will kill anything in the water. I don’t do that because I use spray when I water my plants but if your just pouring water into soil that’s the way to go. Either way my soil is 1 part compost so the chloramine will kill some biology but not enough to hurt the entire life of the soil. I also use the boogie blue plus water hose filter. The carbon filter helps with taking heavy metals chlorine and chloramine off the water. And I still let it sit before I use it just to make sure.


          Aloner First off where in the hell have you been for so long ?I hope you have been doing fine though.
          To your question, our water has got got cloramine in it too, like yours, I got 10-20 gallon milkjugs sitting around for weeks sometimes, i dont know if it helps or not, with the cloramine but it aint never hurt none of my plants at all period, but I grow automatics that most of the time are ready by day 80 from seed, I ain't used none on long growing photos though, so I can't say about that part.
          As far as hurting the bennies, that might be possible, but each of my pots has probably got 100 million,billions,zillions ,lol, in each pot, so losing a few if any want hurt me one bit.
          Good to hear from you again ole buddy, and if your growing automatics I wouldn't worry about sh-t, concerning the cloramine.
          Cfls for a week or two
          315lec for everything else
          Dug up Ms.topsoil, with perlite added
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            OMG ya'll this post is over 2yrs old hope it worked LOL
            Smoke Ganja create Peace Respect Nature don't trash the Planet

            Soil grower with coco/perlite mixed in
            indoor/outdoor grower
            1 4x4x8 tent -veg.& flower - 2 viparspectraR450 =400watts from the wall it's what matters to me not the best old tech but it works for our needs.
            1 3x3x6 tent- used in late spring for seedlings both veggies & weed. I have 1 viparspectar 450r for that tent.
            I use a t-5 & 54watt CFL for seedlings
            Sometimes i use plastic sometimes i use fabric grow containers
            Currently using fish/guano during veg growth (outdoor only)
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            Age Old Organics Bloom 5-10-5


              SoOrbudgal wow I feel silly now. I didn’t realize how old it was until you mentioned it hahaha. Wow.


                I have currently wondering this shit tho. Just because I've switched to earth dust and I only airate my water 24-48hrs before. I am going to get the filter and hose splitter, but for now I'm poor,
                is just letting 5 gal bucket of water airate before hand good enough to get top shelf quality & quantity? Plus the PH, do I need to adjust it even if its 7.4 for living soil?
                What's the Ph after carbon filter?
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                • Cali
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                  I haven’t ph my water since I started with this living soil. Almost 2 years and I’ve had no issues. My water when I was silly enough to rest the ph using bottled nutrients was at 8.0 or something like that not 100 percent accurate using ph drops and strips but from the color it was around8. Something I’m using that same water now but from the hose outside and like I said no issues. In living soil it just works itself out I’ve read and heard how but can’t recall exactly. I’ve made a post titled living soil and put links to sites and YouTube Where those questions and many more are answered and it’s not Stoner science it’s actual facts backed by real scientist research going back many years.

                • SoOrbudgal
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                  If your plants don't show issues why change it HobbitGDF. Are you currently satisfied with what you've harvested?

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