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My first seedling rises!

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    My first seedling rises!

    Hey all! I got home from work yesterday, and as expected I finally came home to a seedling sprouting! Another one is extremely close, I might see it pop today. The third one is just cracking it's seed, and one still hasn't done anything, but I'm more patient now than I was a day or 2 ago lol.

    On the seedling that has sprouted, I noticed a whiteish spot on the cotyledon leaves. Don't know if this is normal or not.

    Anyway, here's my little guy that came through the surface. I took a normal pic and pic with my sunglasses over the lens.

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    Congratulations. I can't really see the spot on the cotyledons but I wouldn't worry about it.
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      Excellent Always a thrill to see a seed pop! 😊 As BTB said, the issue with cotelydon leaves may not mean all that much...just look out for the healthiness of the first true leaves. Good luck! 🐸
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        Sprouting Day should be a National Holiday!

        Gratz! Can't wait to see how they mature.
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          Congrats! Check the pH daily. I lost my first seedling in the 3rd day from pH lockout.


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            I've been checking it daily. Today I added a little too much pH down and had to change the reservoir water. I read you aren't supposed to add both pH up and down to the same water because it's bad for the plants. Thanks for the heads up though! I'll continue keeping an eye on it

          I see what you are talking about. Could be from the seed husk.

          "She" looks good this is when all the magic starts.
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            I was thinking the same thing. Thanks! I'll continue to update as they grow!

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