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  • SOIL Clones dying

    So I had this girl in the aeroponic clone king for about a week had good roots and planted her today, I came home from work and this is what she looks like. This is my first time cloning. Y'all think she'll come back to life or should I just cut my loss and start over?

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    She was only planted for about 8-10 hours, also I didn't water it when I planted it I was going to wait til I got home that's when I saw her all wilted over.


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      How long were the roots when you planted her? You only need about 1/4", but should grow out 3-5" before transplanting from a cloner.

      Were they under a humidity dome in the cloner? If so, find a way to dome them , while letting light in?

      What was the light source under the dome and now in the tent?
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        It probably would have been better to have watered right after you transplanted. The roots had been used to a really wet environment in the cloner. Just water it and it should be ok.


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          There was no dome over the clones, and I'm using CFLs, both in the cloner and in my veg tent. But the roots were a good 2 1/2 - 3 inches. And all the other plants are doing fine I planted them about a week ago this one was just put in a little later than the rest so it didn't root when they did. She was doing perfect and out of nowhere this happened. And what sucks is she was my last AK Widow so if she dies it's back to the Seedbank.


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            Kpenn , I would try using a dome over each plant.
            If the change in humidity is the problem - it will bounce back within several hours.

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          Burny Will she stiffen back up? Or do I need to get something to support it so it's not wilted over?


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            It still looks pretty green it will probably stand back up on its own. Just water it a little bit should be ok.


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              Awesome thank you fellas I appreciate the help!


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                No problem. Just try not to over water but keep it wet for a few days(if that makes any sense).


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                  I had to toss my first try at clones, first I underwatered, then I overwatered and well, they died. I tried two more clones today, I searched for light schedules and everybody says something different, common sense tells me that if the mother is used to 24/0 led light, then that's what I should use for the clones, except further away from the light, even though no heat comes off the lights. The dirt is wet, not muddy, but wet. Nebula said that autoflowering clones can take longer to produce roots, so I've packed my patience. Humidity is taken care of so is there anything else I need to do to try and get these clones to take? Do they need some heat? Should I add a low watt cfl? The last ones I tried in the window, for as long as the light was coming in with no success and then under a floor lamp again with zero success. If these don't work I'm going to have to order seeds...not taking anymore off of my plants and I want a constant grow for personal use. .


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                    Kpenn first thing water that plant you should of watered it right after transplanting it should bounce back . once you get the basics cloning is easy . Cut stem and place in clonex solution when you have cut all of your clones then remove one from clonex solution and cut the bottom of the stem at a 45 degree angle with a razor , gently and I mean gently scrape the tissue from the bottom of the stem dip in clonex gel and place in root riots in a domed tray and spray them with clonex solution 3 times a day I have the light set at 18/6 you will have roots in about 14 days the first picture is of a clone ready for transplant and the second is of a clone that had been transplanted 14 days earlier
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