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  • HELP! First small weed grow

    I have purchased a 60cmx60cm×140cm grow tent and a Mars hydro 300 (150w) led light. I am going to get a carbon filter with fan and the rest of the equipment I need help with. I want to use kind soil which you don't have to ever use nutrients on your grow. The problem is its very expensive to buy even the 5lb bag. I don't know what nutrients I need or how often to use them when I set up my auto strains grow. I smoke weed a lot but have no clue on how to get up and running for myself..I would like people to help me out with what I need and how often I should do things

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    I'm new also just started germination on my first two plants 2 days ago.

    Read through the tutorial very thoroughly Nedula provides a full to get list for starting out.


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      Hi Ethan (and nuke), welcome to the forum and good luck with your first grow. If my conversion is right, your tent is 2'x2'x4' that's probably good for 1-2 plants or a mini scrog.
      When things go well you'll run out of height quickly so a bit of plant training should help.

      If you want to do Kind soil check out rockman 's grow journals

      I didn't buy all the equipment at once, took me a few grow cycles to get my carbon filter and fan set-up.

      I grow in coco coir, which I'm a big fan of. Don't be intimidated by nutes, it seems complicated but it can be very simple (e.g. Canna A+B, tap water, coco). This said, if you go with Kind soil you won't need to worry too much (although save some hot soil to make a tea if the plants ever need a boost).

      I'm not the expert on hot soil grows at all but you could do two 3 gallon smart pots with 2.5lbs of Kind soil in the bottom of each and then filled up with a lighter soil. Buy some good seeds rather than wasting time on bagseed or mystery seed. My small grow in a 2'x4' tent takes about 20-30 minutes a day + about one full day a month to maintain (this doesn't include time spent staring lovingly at your weed plants in a daze).
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        I applaud your desire to do everything in the best possible ways, however a minor reality check may be appropriate... If this is your first grow, it is a virtual certainty that everything will NOT go exactly as expected from start to finish. Your plants are living things, each variety and individual plant will teach you a lot along the way. You are going to be plenty busy dealing with unexpected details and learning how to make it all work better next time. Very likely you will conclude that high-dollar things like gourmet grade soil and nutrients are of much less importance than something like a second LED unit, for example. Priorities will change several times along the way, so hold onto a bit of your cash because there will be something you desperately need a couple months from now. Strongly recommend doing a simple grow first and focusing on the basics. After that it will be much clearer which upgrades make the most difference and yield the most bang per buck.


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          Very well said!!

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        Ethan I think Zativa nailed it while we all enjoy helping with each others grow .I still will go back and reread different tutorials on gwe . I tell people that there are ten ways to do one thing its about finding the way that's best for you. So we are here do some reading jump on in we will be here to help
        argo max tent ,big kahuna reflector, 1000hps with added leds for the full spectrum . current grow gorilla glue 14th indoor grow ,5 years outside gorilla grows(stealth is the key),veg under t5s


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          Welcome Ethan! Others have said much already that is true. The website is chock full of info for a beginner, and several years ago when I started my first, it was that info which made it a success. 😊 And of course be ready to test your patience. It really is not long for an auto to produce, so if things don't go perfectly first time, try again. Cannabis can have it's challenges, but generally given a few of its needs met, these plants have a strong desire to shower us humans with their goodies! 🌿
          As far as the Kind soil, I've had great luck with it providing enough nutes for a grow. I've also done the chemical nutes in coco, also great harvests. So if Kind is too pricey, give the nutes a chance. As Beach_Town_Brit said, it's not that difficult. Looking forward to hearing about your future growing adventures. 🌱🌱
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            ya Ethan I have a t shirt from the Mad farmer nutes I wear alot because when I'm down cellar mixing all the nutes into my 5 gallon bucket of water. I feel like a mad scientist ,besides its quite a challenge to pour 5 ml from a full gallon to a shot glass measuring cup lol so come on join the fun

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            Jarhead, there's an easier way. Find a syringe (perhaps one from the pet store intended for medicating small critters). Those are calibrated and about the size you need. Rinse with water after each product.

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 : Measure Master Garden Syringe, 100 mL/cc 3.4oz : Plastic Syringe : Patio, Lawn & Garden


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            Pipettes work well also and are like 7 bucks for 50 or 100


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              Ethan964. Excellent information above. I really like the KindSoil in SmartPots, your right about not needing any nutes it is real good stuff if you follow KindSoil s directions.It is easy to work with just don't overwater, and make sure your PH is good. I am growing 2 autos right now in a 2 by4 tent and my plants are thriving just using a cheap 300watt led 145 watts at the wall. I am using KindSoil not because I'm rich, but because it's my first indoor grow and and I might not be smart enough to mix nutes right the first time. My plants are 33 days old and I have followed GWE instructions on LST an have got them short and wide but I am still scared they might grow to tall for my tent . Good Luck Bro. D.A.A.S.69


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                Ethan964 I also am working on my first try at some auto grows. I'm close to putting my small room together for my first grow I have #1skunk and auto-haze fem beans so if cool with you I'm gonna follow you and soak in all the info!!!! Can't wait to get going and good luck with yours!!


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                  Lol just noticed how old this thread is I'm not just a noob I'm also a stoned one!!!!


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