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CFL light for Spacebucket - your Opinion

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    HELP! CFL light for Spacebucket - your Opinion

    Hi All,

    I am going to build a space bucket and I am in the process of getting all the items needed.
    Since lighting is one of the key factors - I would like your thoughts on this CFL bulb I can get locally.

    I have gone through the website and from my understanding and cost considerations this is the best option I can find on my local online store.

    Anything else I should consider , will this do the job , how many do you recommend etc - Let me know your thoughts

    Brand Eurolux
    Bulb Base E27
    Color Temperature 6400K
    Diameter 103mm
    Family Type Compact Fluorescent
    Length 295mm
    Lumens 4800lm
    Original SKUs G384BP
    Voltage 240V
    Wattage 85W
    Barcode 6.00733E+12
    Bulb Colour Temperature Daylight (6000K)
    Bulb Dimmable? No
    Bulb Shape Mini Twist
    Product Origin Local (South Africa)
    Bulb Lifetime (Hours) 6000 hours
    Incl. VAT: R343.14

    here is the link to the website -
    Is there another bulb you would recommend ?
    keep in mind this is for a space bucket and will be my first grow.

    Is that bulb expensive? I'd say go the cheap route but I have a few big boys too. The big ones seem to be a crapshoot for me. I have several brands and some have just quit for no reason.


      Yeah it is a bit expensive.
      its about 3x the price of a normal CFL for you home.


      • 9fingerleafs
        9fingerleafs commented
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        if you can fit three 30 watt bulbs in the same space that would be 90 watts better distributed, more bulbs is always better, dont spend too much money on a single bulb

      • KG1610
        KG1610 commented
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        perfect thanks, will re look at my options. Maybe look at using just one of these 85w and 4x 30w (also dont have the bucket as of yet - so will need to check space constraints). I like where you going with the distribution of light, i didn't take that into account. will go though all possible combinations.

        I will add max bulbs at the top,
        Is there any benefit having bulbs under the branches of the plant?

      • 9fingerleafs
        9fingerleafs commented
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        Nope. Is way better to have it on top. Also check those square 10 or 15 gallon plastic containers. Maybe a better choice than a bucket due to the space.

      If you can buy on Amazon, I recommend these.

      They're pretty cheap, it comes with 2 bulbs, and they're bright as hell. My plants love them.

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      • KG1610
        KG1610 commented
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        Thanks - I would never trust the South African Post Office to Deliver light bulbs.
        I Will look for something similar.

        The only data missing is the Lumens?
        The CFL above is 4800 L

        I believe you need a minimum of 10 000 L for a plant. So aiming to use 3 of the above or 2 and 2 cheaper one's?

      • Marley
        Marley commented
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        I believe they're around 7,000 lumens each.

      • 9fingerleafs
        9fingerleafs commented
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        A single 30 watt emits 2000 lumensa

      This is what I currently have for flower. On a side note anyone want to take a look at mine and tell me what you think?


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