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Male pre flower?

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    Male pre flower?

    Hello friends!

    after 6 weeks of veg, one of my plants showed pre flower, i think that he's male, but before removing plant, i just want to make sure that its 100% male.

    So looking forward for your advices

    dont remove it just yet, nothing is decided, you have to put into flower no matter what, you cannot see anything in the picture and even if you did preflowers are weird and deceiving, i use a microscope and its still pretty hard, watch closely every day and if its a male you will notice believe me


      thanks and agree with u. but what is your opinion about my plant's sex? Did those pictures tell u something?


      • 9fingerleafs
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        not at all, you have to wait

      Howdy Zaxar,
      It is too early to tell for sure if Your plant is male or female at this time. If you compare it to examples on GWE, Your plant has some good traits already showing, the calyx appears more longer and pointed than shorter and rounded (spade like), but until a pistil pops out, one can not be certain.
      Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


        Well thanks for everything

        So there is nothing left but to wait and see what happens


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