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Wondering if this looks ready

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    Wondering if this looks ready

    Wanted some opinions on if you think it's time for me to harvest the first picture is green crack in soil under a 600 watt HPS at sixty days the second is Skywalker at sixty days also if I could get some opinions I would appreciate it very much.
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    GroW 420, I would give them more flowering time. Looking at the pics, it's just my opinion, but they don't look ready. In both pics the trics are just starting to stand straight up and forming a large bulbous head. The trics need to get a little more cloudy. If it was me I would let the Skywalker get a little bit of amber, then flush and harvest. During your flush the trics will continue to get the amber coloring. Now with the Green Crack I would let it go little longer, checking the trics for cloudiness. At about 30% cloudy, I would start my flush, then harvest. By harvest the GC will be mostly cloudy. Also, the hairs on both strains only have a few that have brown coloring, wilted and curved in. I would atleast let them go another week, then start my flush. You are looking at a totality of 3 wks until harvest/chop. Just so you know, this is just my opinion. From what I see in the pics, they aren't ready. But pics have a way of looking different in the pics compared to seeing the plant up close and in person. Again just my opinion.

    Btw, you did a fantastic job growing them they look so healthy without any deficiencies. Great job!


      Thank you so much I kinda knew that they needed a little longer but wasn't sure but what you said sounds correct thank you dewbeedub


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        Looks ready but it's always a good idea to give it a few more days congrats. Do you have a loupe or anything to help check the tricome color?

      No I have a cheap magnifying glass and my phone but it's hard to get a good picture of the trics cause the white puts to much glare so it's hard for me to tell the best thing I have to do is wait till I see a little hint of Amber but I would like to be more accurate but until I can afford a better tool this forum will have to work thank you for your help 9fingerleafs


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