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need a good blender for leaves

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    need a good blender for leaves

    looking for good blender for juicing leaves

    Slow speed cold press juicer is what you're after. There's a comparison of different types of juices on this site.
    Slow speed cold press juicers versus high speed centrifugal juicers. What juicer is best? Are there really any differences between the juicer types? What is a masticating juicer? What is a triturating juicer? Choice tv juicer comparison. JUICERS AUSTRALIA.
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      Funny that it's an AU site.

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      Have some friends where the husband and two daughters have a rare lung disease who use a slow speed juicer with fresh cannabis to produce fresh juice to have in conjunction with their cannabis oil meds.

      So yeah, gotta take this one looking down from above for all you at the top

    I have a Super Angel slow cold press juicer which is excellent. Only problem is that it's expensive. I had a $200 centrifugal juicer before, but it was such a waste of material and produced huge amounts of pulp; the Super Angel gets every enzyme and bit of juice separated, and leaves very little pulp at the end.
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      I use Ninja Professional. It blends everything so fast and costs only $99 on Amazon. So, maybe you should try this one.


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