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Question...When can you cut off.............

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    Question...When can you cut off.............

    Greetings...the girls are doing well after their first trimming to make a manifold about 4 days ago. The growth tips are doing well. My question is: when is it OK to cut off the 2 original Fan Leaves that were left when trimming back to the third node? They seem to be getting larger and are mainly getting in the way. Are they still necessary or are they wasting "growing energy" that could be going into growing the growth tips out?


    I'm not anywhere near some of the pro's on this site, but to me, the 2 things I notice is, that they do seem very health and they do look like they are getting in your way of tying them down, so I would cut them. But again perhaps you might want to wait for other opinions.


      Chop em off! It'll grow more, I assure you


        Chop,chop you'll b fine!


          Leave 'em for now. It's only been 4 days - you gonna chop 'em every week?
          Consider them as sugar factories that are sending energy to the rest of the plant, cut 'em off and the factories will take a bit replacing them.
          Your little plant needs the energy it is getting to grow larger.
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          • Insight
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            Thanks, that sounds reasonable.
            At what point do you cut them off? Do you wait until they get covered by other growth and are no longer receiving much light?

          • Canuck147
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            When they are no longer receiving much light, that's right. You'll know.

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