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    HELP! scrog

    ive been looking at scroging, and im sort of getting the picture, and i understand the idea of a horizontal grow and why, but what i would like to know is can i keep on topping when the screen is on and the branches are woven through the screen,to keep spreading the canopy???? mitch london...

    Here's a long ass thread with tons of info, I've only read early and late parts, it's a 227 page thread.
    Welcome to Enter the Scrog, an open thread for all to do with Scr.O.G. or Screen of Green. After much reading and following other pages related to the...
    x1 LED Cirrus T5 500w, x3 Sun System LEC315, x1 Nanolux LEC315, Saturn 5 controller, x4 6" can vents, 8800 btu A/C, 70 pint dehumidifier


      You can keep topping, but considering all the stems, you probably don't need to. You can keep weaving the stems through the screen until you've basically "filled" the screen, without having to cut off parts of the plant if you don't want to.

      LBH wrote a pretty helpful tutorial here with pictures if you want to check it out!


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