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2nd Grow - 1st Haircut for my ladies today...

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    2nd Grow - 1st Haircut for my ladies today...

    So this round we decided to do three instead of four plants and to do a manifold as our training method. First grow=keep everything alive and get something usable at the end. This time = max output based on training. My wife is the stylist here so let me know your thoughts on these before and after photos. I'm pretty proud and it was a fun thing to watch. Cant wait to watch them recover over the next few days before we trim again!

    Hey Buffo420,

    I'm with you, first grow is to keep everything alive and get something useable -- and of course learn.

    Next, max output and experimentation for max output for the next grow after that.


      They look just like the tutorial. Nice job.
      completed 7 grows
      what I have learned so far:
      environment maters more than nutrients
      at least a dab of nutrients in every watering
      effective flushing before harvest is critical to quality


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