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My plant's gender

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  • My plant's gender

    I can't tell if it's a male, female, or hermaphrodite. I'm not sure if it's too early to tell or if it's blatantly a male plant. If it's a male I want to get rid of it and focus on my other plant. These are (obviously) my first plants

    any help is greatly appreciated.
    Little buds....are they spores? Same plant different branch

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    The good news is you asked for help
    The bad news is thats a male plant



    • Bananabreadsmoothie
      Editing a comment
      Thank you. I have a second plant so it's not a total loss. I just didn't want to keep it going if it was going to contaminate my other one.

      Thank you so much

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    Male for sure
    current grow

    granddaddy purple journal


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      Wow, is it just me or did he show his sex very early? Those stems still look pretty young.
      May the little guy rest in peace.
      Originally posted by 420n808
      If you are new to growing, the first time you see the balls, you'll never forget the sight. You will know M-F from that point on.

      Oh my days, now that this has happened to me... SO TRUE!!!


      • Bananabreadsmoothie
        Editing a comment
        See I thought it was weird that this plant was showing me something but the other wasnt. The research said males show first yadda yadda but I also know that it's sometimes hard to tell super early didn't want to throw it away just in case. Now that I know for sure I can continue with my other plant.

        This is why I'm growing in pairs.

        Thank you guys so much. Minor disappointment but a learning opportunity for sure!

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      Sorry, it's a boy. I had one plant in my current grow that did not show it's gender until the fifth week of 12/12. It was kind of shaded by it's sister, but finally showed 'his' 'balls'!- Chop, chop!
      Good luck with the other plant.
      Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


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        Yup, that ones a boy, hope the other isn't. Take a look at the "What to expect during the canabis flowering stage" tutorial. There are some good pics of how to tell males from females. One easy way to tell females is to look at the junctions of leaves/branches for little pods with two white hairs growing out the top. Thats a good sign its a female but may not become obvious until a few weeks into change to 12/12 photoperiod. Hope the other is its sister!


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