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New Equipment - Wisdom > knowledge please

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    New Equipment - Wisdom > knowledge please

    I've set a budget for new equipment ( Tent, Light, pH test/Up/Down, Nutes, and misc. equipment.) I haven't included a new carbon filter or anything exhaust related, I have a number in my head I just need some experience to guide my purchases.

    I want to get a new tent (36" x 36" x 72" MIN , 48" x 48" x 84/96" MAX) , a new light (preferably a dense penetrative LED that can cover without struggle said tent sizes, and the rest I think I can judge myself , unless yall have some good insight.

    Trying to stay under 1.5
    Have some fun. 😌

    8 x 8 x 5 Camping Tent
    300W full-spectrum light

    Locally Sold Soil (0.04- 0.01 - 0.01)

    Humboldts Secret Calmag & Iron (2-0-0)
    FlowerFuel (0-34-32)​

    Sounds like a plan. Are you asking for suggestions? I'd recommend Gorilla grow tents. They're tough and durable, zippers are good and strong, no light leaks, and the customer service is good. I started with their 2x2.5x6, then bought their 3x3x6 both great tents. Gave the small one to a family member and used the 3x3 a lot. Now have a Gorilla 4x4x6 and a 2x4x6 all with max extension kits to extend the tent height to 7'11''. Gorilla is somewhat spendy.

    I've only grown with HLG lamps. Started with their HLG 100, still have two of them. Used the first one I bought in the smallest tent, then bought another one when I got the 3x3. Now use a Scorpion Rspec in the 4x4 and a 350 Diablo in the 2x4. These two lamps grow excellent weed. HLG is not cheap but has great customer service and quality products.

    I have moved to AC Infinity for tent exhaust and oscillating fans. AC makes a controller that allows you to customize your exhaust and air circulation. And they're customer service is the absolute best IMHO. You'll want to be able to control the speed of your exhaust fan in order to fine tune your grow atmosphere.

    One lesson I've learned is buy the best equipment that your budget allows. I have made more than one duplicate purchase because I went initially with cheap equipment and had to replace the junk I bought. There's all kinds of cool grow gadgets that sound good and are supposed to maximize this or that, stick with the basics and invest in quality basic components you'll save money in the long run. You probably already knew that though, cause it looks like you've been around here a while. Just my .02 I'm sure others will have different opinions.
    Auto/Photo Tent: Gorilla 2x4x7'11" HLG 350R, Infinity 4" w/Carbon Filter, Coco 50/50 perlite
    Autopot system
    ​: 1 Scarlet Grapes & 1 Scarlet Sunset ​
    Photo Tent: Gorilla 4x4x7'11" HLG Scorpion R, Infinity ​6” w/Carbon Filter, Coco 50/50 perlite, Autopot system: Idle at the moment
    Nutrients: CX Horticulture - full line for both tents


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      Awesome reply man that's some good insight before I buy. I was even thinking of going to HLG , but heat control took the curiosity away. Being able to control the environment and fluctuations without hassle would be a huge win

    That's alot of money for those HLG lamps and they have zero UV diodes. You gotta add UV bar. AC Infinity Evo 6 has UV. I'm using the smaller Evo for my current grow.

    (6) 395 nm UV diodes, (54) 660 nm and (6) 730 nm OSRAM far-red diodes to complete its full spectrum light output.
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    HLG are priced very high. They are a good light.

    You don't need to spend that amount of money to get great results, half that will do.

    Its not likely they last longer or produce less heat than any of the other mainstream budget offerings.

    The OP is on a tight budget. HLG do not make lights for tight budgets.

    Flower Room: 11' x 7' x 7.5'H, 480w AC, 13gal/day dehumidifier, 1.5gal ultrasonic humidifier, 60gal (27gal usable) nute tank, 16" pedestal fan & 18" wall fan. Lighting and climate automated. Hand watering.
    Veg Cupboards: ​​​​​​Two 4x2x6H cupboards. SF2000 Evo in each. Climate controlled and automated. Hand watering
    Aeroponics Low Pressure Bucket: 20W LED. 5 clones
    Lights: 2 x SF-7000, 2 x 30w 660&730nm supp. red boosters for flower stretch over sativa x in flower room.
    Medium: Coco/perlite, mix of 13gal & 7.2gal pots, no drains
    Current Grow: ​​​4 x Autos Franklin's AK47 x Red CBD (harrvested dry 22oz), 1 x Photos Franklin's Orange Zkittles x Sour Diesel, 1 Franklin's White Widow x Sour Diesel, All feminised. 1 x sativa x, regular, Clones 30th March 5 x Orange Zkittles x Sour Diesel fem in veg cupboards & 3x WW x SD & 2 OZ x SD in Aeroponics bucket.
    Last Grow: 4 x photos, old school, 66 days of veg flipped 25 Feb harvested day 65F 3lb11oz.


      As for my personal experience, here's what I use:

      - MarsHydro 4'x4'x6' tent
      - 200w ViparSpectra XS2000 LED, full spectrum, dimmable
      ​- DWC bucket with air pump and air stone
      - Humboldt's Secret A + B nutrients
      - Hydroguard
      - pH Up/Down

      I feel that the LED does just fine and offers good light penetration through flowering. A lot of growers still turn their noses up at LED but I find it works fine. I recommend the MarsHydro tent as it's only around $120, but has actually been better about temperature, humidity, and light reflection than other tents I've used in the past. DWC is just my preferred method, you grow in whatever medium you prefer. I do find that hydro works great for smaller indoor grows though. I keep my nutes to the basics for now, since that seems to be working fine.
      Current Grow:
      - Pine Tar Kush {photoperiod}
      - ViparSpectra XS2000 LED {full spectrum, dimmable}
      - MarsHydro grow tent {4'x4'x6'}
      - DWC bucket
      - Manifold/LST​


        I would definitely recommend exhausting properly, especially with a dimmable LED at full blast, but it has a good heat sink (at least on the one I use). I also check my plants near-daily, make notes, and take pictures, so I can track the growth and such....but I go real hard ahaha
        Current Grow:
        - Pine Tar Kush {photoperiod}
        - ViparSpectra XS2000 LED {full spectrum, dimmable}
        - MarsHydro grow tent {4'x4'x6'}
        - DWC bucket
        - Manifold/LST​


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